Provider Services Sample Clauses

Provider Services. In connection with your use of the Services and as part of the functionality of the Services as may be applicable, you may have access to certain online services or information that may be made available by your bank and/or other third party provider(s) ("Provider Services"), including online banking, online payment, online investment account download, online bill pay, online trading, and other account information available from third party provider(s). The Services may be designed to allow access to Provider Services (if and to the extent provided by users’ provider(s)) to set up banking and other information, schedule the Services to access user account(s), download transactions into the Services and otherwise aggregate information from user account(s) with third party provider(s). MX has no control over the provision of Provider Services or provision of access to the Provider Services by users’ provider(s). MX does not guarantee the Provider Services. You agree that you may be able to use the Services in conjunction with the Provider Services, and that MX disclaims any and all liability whatsoever for any actions or inactions on the part of your provider(s) resulting in any inability to use the Services to access accounts, obtain data, download transactions, or otherwise use or access the Provider Services. You acknowledge and agree when you access data and information through the Services, third party provider account access number(s), password(s), security question(s) and answer(s), account number(s), login information, and any other security or access information, and the actual data in your user account(s) with such provider(s) such as bank and other account balances, credit card charges, debits and deposits as may be applicable (collectively, "Provider Account Data"), may be collected and stored in the Services. You expressly authorize MX and our third party providers, in conjunction with the operation and hosting of the Services, to use certain Provider Account Data to (i) collect Provider Account Data, (ii) reformat and manipulate such Provider Account Data, (iii) create and provide hypertext links to provider(s), (iv) access the providers' websites using Provider Account Data, (v) update and maintain account information,
Provider Services. 6.1 The TOP contractor shall ensure that all purchased care sector network providers and their support staff have sufficient understanding of the applicable TRICARE program requirements, policies, and procedures to allow them to carry out the requirements of this contract in an efficient and effective manner that promotes beneficiary satisfaction.
Provider Services. The Contractor’s system shall collect, process, and maintain current and historical data on program providers. This information shall be accessible to all parts of the MCMIS for editing and reporting.
Provider Services. Charges for the following Services when ordered by a Physician for the treatment of an Injury or Illness.
Provider Services. Dental hygienist may provide prophylactic cleanings, apply fluoride, place sealants, and take radiographs. Additional services may be prescribed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Indiana 2018 Sec. 1. IC 25-13-1-10 Access Practice Agreement: A dental hygienist may provide preventive dental hygiene services directly to a patient without a prior examination, presence, or authorization of a dentist. A dental hygienist may practice in any setting or facility that is documented in the dental hygienist's access practice agreement. Requirements: • Professional licensure • Has at least 2,000 documented clinical hours of dental hygiene services during 2 years of active practice under the direct supervision of a dentist • Obtains a national provider identifier number • Enters into an access practice agreement with a licensed dentist • Maintains liability insurance • Before providing dental hygiene services to a patient under an access practice agreement, the dental hygienist has obtained a signed consent form Provider Services: Dental hygienist may provide preventive dental hygiene services as outlined in the access practice agreement. Iowa 2004 Rule 650-10.5 (153) Public Health Dental Hygienist: Dental hygienist may administer care based on standing orders and a written agreement with a dentist. Services can be administered in schools, Head Start settings, nursing facilities, federally-qualified health centers, public health vans, free clinics, community centers and public health programs. Requirements: Dental hygienist must have 3 years of clinical experience and must submit an annual report to the state department of health noting the number of patients treated/services administered.
Provider Services. Provider hereby offers to perform, at the request of SCS, ACT/SAT test preparation services and to provide the materials necessary for test preparation. Provider shall also provide professional development services. Provider understands that, by executing this Agreement, SCS makes no promises or representations whatsoever as to the frequency or dollar amount of business Provider can expect at any time during the term of this Agreement.
Provider Services. 5.1 When you inform us of your intention to submit a Booking to us:
Provider Services. The following services may be performed under the general supervision of a licensed dentist: • Removing calcareous deposits, accretions and stains, including scaling and planing of exposed root surfaces indicated for a complete prophylaxis; • Applying topical agents indicated for a complete dental prophylaxis; • Removing excess cement from surfaces of the teeth; • Providing patient education and counseling relating to the improvement of oral health; • Taking and exposing dental radiographs; • Performing topical anticariogenic agent applications, including but not limited to topical fluoride applications, and performing topical anesthetic applications; • Polishing teeth, including existing restorations; • Taking and assessing medical history including the measuring and recording of xxxxx xxxxx as an aid to diagnosis by the dentist and to assist the dental hygienist in providing dental hygiene services; • Performing dental and/or periodontal assessments as an aid to diagnosis by the dentist and to assist the dental hygienist in providing dental hygiene services; • Applying pit and fissure sealants; • Applying desensitizing agents to the teeth; • Placing and removing temporary restorations; • Making assessments of the oral and maxillofacial area as an aid to diagnosis by the dentist; • Taking impressions for study casts. Study casts shall mean only such casts as will be used for purposes of diagnosis and treatment planning by the dentist and for the purposes of patient education; and • Providing dental health care case management and care coordination services. New York 2013 Sec. 6606
Provider Services. Health Plan will maintain a Provider Manual describing Health Plan’s policies and procedures, Covered Services, limitations and exclusions, and coordination of benefits information. Health Plan will maintain a Provider Services Department available to educate Provider regarding Health Plan’s policies and procedures.
Provider Services. The Contractor must submit reports in accordance with Section 10.E, Provider Services Reports, of this Contract.