Provide Covered Services Sample Clauses

Provide Covered Services. Facility will provide Covered Services to Customers. Facility must be in compliance with section 2.1(d) of this Agreement and credentialed by United or its delegate prior to furnishing any Covered Services to Customers under this Agreement.

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  • Covered Services Services to be performed by Contractor under this Agreement may involve the performance of trade work covered by the provisions of Section 6.22(e) [Prevailing Wages] of the Administrative Code or Section 21C [Miscellaneous Prevailing Wage Requirements] (collectively, “Covered Services”). The provisions of Section 6.22(e) and 21C of the Administrative Code are incorporated as provisions of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein and will apply to any Covered Services performed by Contractor and its subcontractors.

  • Non-Covered Services Patient understands and acknowledges that Patient is responsible for any charges incurred for health care services performed outside of the physical office space location as set forth above, including, but not limited to, emergency room visits, hospital and specialist care, and imaging and lab tests performed by third parties. Patient shall also be responsible for any charges incurred for health care services provided by the Practice not specifically described in Section 1 hereof. THE PRACTICE STRONGLY ENCOURAGES THE PATIENT TO MAINTAIN HEALTH INSURANCE DURING THE TERM OF THIS MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT TO COVER SERVICES THAT ARE NOT PROVIDED UNDER THIS MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT. PATIENT SHOULD PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE TO COVER, AT MINIMUM, UNPREDICTABLE AND CATASTROPHIC EXPENSES.

  • Required Services (a) You will assign one of your registered representatives to each Xxxxxx Fund account on your records and reassign the Xxxxxx Fund account should that representative leave your firm.

  • Services and Compensation Consultant agrees to perform for the Company the services described in Exhibit A (the “Services”), and the Company agrees to pay Consultant the compensation described in Exhibit A for Consultant’s performance of the Services.

  • FURNISHED SERVICES The County agrees to:

  • Nature of Services Provided The Provider has agreed to provide the following digital educational services described in Exhibit “A”.

  • Shared Services 5.1.0 CUPE agrees to adopt a shared services model that will allow other Trusts to join the shared services model. The shared services office of the Trust is responsible for the services to support the administration of benefits for the members, and to assist in the delivery of benefits on a sustainable, efficient and cost effective basis recognizing the value of benefits to the members.

  • Services Provided Subcontractor agrees to complete the following: ____________ ___________________________________________________________ (“Services”).

  • Medical Services Plan 10.1.1 Regular Full-Time and Temporary Full-Time Employees shall be entitled to be covered under the Medical Services Plan commencing the first day of the calendar month following the date of employment.

  • MEDICAL EXPENSES 1. Employees exposed to hazardous physical, biological, or chemical agents shall be provided, at no cost to the employee, with medical examinations or evaluations required by VOSHA regulations. If there are no specific VOSHA regulations or standards for the agent in question, recommendations of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or other generally recognized expert organization shall be used, as determined by the Commissioner of Health.