Protective device Sample Clauses

Protective device. A detailed description of the vehicle type with regard to the arrangement and design of the control or of the unit on which the protective device acts:

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  • CONTRACTOR PORTABLE DEVICES Contractor shall not place Data on any portable Device unless Device is located and remains within Contractor’s CONUS Data Center. For Authorized Users subject to ITS policies, the Data, and/or the portable device containing the Data, shall be destroyed in accordance with applicable ITS destruction policies (ITS Policy S13-003 Sanitization/Secure Disposal and S14-003 Information Security Controls or successor) when the Contractor is no longer contractually required to store the Data. TRANSFERRING OF DATA General Except as required for reliability, performance, security, or availability of the services, the Contractor will not transfer Data unless directed to do so in writing by the Authorized User. All Data shall remain in CONUS. At the request of the Authorized User, the Contractor will provide the services required to transfer Data from existing Databases to physical storage devices, to facilitate movement of large volumes of Data. The Authorized User may require several Cloud providers to share or transfer Data for a period of time. This will be provided for in the Authorized User Agreement or shall be assumed to be limited to a six month duration. Transfer of Data at End of Contract and/or Authorized User Agreement Term At the end of the Contract and/or Authorized User Agreement term, Contractor may be required to facilitate transfer of Data to a new Contractor. This transfer must be carried out as specified by the Authorized User in the Authorized User Agreement. Transfer of Data; Charges Contractor cannot charge for the transfer of Data unless the charges are provided for in response to an Authorized User RFQ. Transfer of Data; Contract Breach or Termination Notwithstanding Section 3.6.3, in the case of Contract breach or termination for cause of the Contract, all expenses for the transfer of Data shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.

  • Protective Equipment 21.01 All employees shall wear safety hats to be made available by the Employer.

  • Intercept Devices Local and federal law enforcement agencies periodically request information or assistance from local telephone service providers. When either Party receives a request associated with an End User of the other Party, it shall refer such request to the Party that serves such End User, unless the request directs the receiving Party to attach a pen register, trap-and-trace or form of intercept on the Party's facilities, in which case that Party shall comply with any valid request.

  • Devices BNY Mellon will restrict the transfer of Customer Data from its network to mass storage devices. BNY Mellon will use a mobile device management system or equivalent tool when mobile computing is used to provide the services. Applications on such authenticated devices will be housed within an encrypted container and BNY Mellon will maintain the ability to remote wipe the contents of the container.

  • Protective Footwear Effective January 1, 2002, and on that date for each subsequent calendar year, the Hospital will provide $80 per calendar year to each full-time and $45 per calendar year to each regular part-time employee who is required by the Hospital to wear safety footwear during the course of his duties. The employees who will be required to wear safety footwear will be negotiated locally and set out in the Local Provisions Appendix. Note: The existing central language designating the classifications of employees which are deemed to require appropriate safety footwear shall be transferred to the local appendix.

  • Probes Network hosts used to perform (DNS, EPP, etc.) tests (see below) that are located at various global locations.

  • Safety Devices All Products provided under the Contract shall be equipped with required safety devices to comply with all applicable codes, laws, and regulations that are in effect at the time of delivery.

  • Protective Clothing The Hospital agrees to continue its present practices with respect to the provision of protective clothing and safety devices to employees. The Hospital further agrees to meet directly with the representative of the Union or through the Accident Prevention Committee to discuss the need for any protective clothing or safety equipment in addition to that which the Hospital is presently providing.

  • Ergonomics The supervisor/manager will provide training and equipment for staff to safely perform job functions and avoid injury. Employees should contact their supervisor if job procedures, equipment or workstations lead to risk of injury or work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Further ergonomic guidelines shall be referenced on the Environmental Health and Safety website

  • Fabrication Making up data or results and recording or reporting them.