Power Deliveries Sample Clauses

Power Deliveries. 6.1 Metering.
Power Deliveries. 6.1.1 Niagara Mohawk shall, at Producer's expense, provide, own, and maintain compatible revenue quality metering equipment. Such metering equipment shall record the delivery of energy, including reactive power, in such a manner so as to measure total facility power output and consumption. Producer shall provide suitable space within its facilities for installation of such metering equipment.
Power Deliveries 

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  • Purchaser Deliveries At the Closing, Purchaser shall deliver to Seller:

  • Buyer Deliveries At the Closing the Buyer shall deliver to the Company the Purchase Price.

  • Seller Deliveries At the Closing, Seller shall deliver to Purchaser:

  • Other Deliveries At or prior to Closing, Parent shall have delivered to the Company (i) copies of resolutions and actions taken by Parent’s board of directors and stockholders in connection with the approval of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereunder, and (ii) such other documents or certificates as shall reasonably be required by the Company and its counsel in order to consummate the transactions contemplated hereunder.

  • Closing Deliveries (a) At the Closing, the Company shall deliver or cause to be delivered to each Purchaser the following:

  • Post-Closing Deliveries (a) The Borrower hereby agrees to deliver, or cause to be delivered, to the Administrative Agent, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, the items described on Schedule 5.15 hereof on or before the dates specified with respect to such items, or such later dates as may be agreed to by, or as may be waived by, the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion.

  • Purchaser Deliverables Such Purchaser shall have delivered its Purchaser Deliverables in accordance with Section 2.2(b).

  • Share Deliveries Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Company agrees that any delivery of Shares or Share Termination Delivery Property shall be effected by book-entry transfer through the facilities of DTC, or any successor depositary, if at the time of delivery, such class of Shares or class of Share Termination Delivery Property is in book-entry form at DTC or such successor depositary.

  • Company Deliveries On or before the Closing Date, the Company shall execute and deliver the Company Documents to the Escrow Agent.

  • Buyer’s Deliveries At Closing of the Hotel, Buyer shall deliver the following: