Preliminary Design Method Sample Clauses

Preliminary Design Method. The overall channel design logic set forth in Reference 1 is illustrated by the logic diagram in Figure 2.1. FIGURE 2.1
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  • Preliminary Design § 4.3.1 Upon the Owner’s issuance of a written consent to proceed under Section 4.2.3, the Design-Builder shall prepare and submit a Preliminary Design to the Owner. The Preliminary Design shall include a report identifying any deviations from the Owner’s Criteria, and shall include the following:

  • Preliminary Design Phase During the Preliminary Design Phase, the CONSULTANT shall, if requested by the CITY and accepted by the CONSULTANT as part of a Services Authorization:

  • 253 Design Change (a) “Design Change” is a change in work and/or materials shown in the Schedule of Items and described in Plans or specifications that has been mutually agreed to in writing or ordered by Contracting Officer. Changes of a minor nature (such as adjustment in horizontal and vertical alignment, that do not exceed specified tolerance, necessary to maintain or balance earthwork quantities substantially as designed) and variation in quantities, as described in B5.251, shall not be considered Design Changes.

  • Rental Rates and Wage Rates for Change Orders As soon as is practical, but prior to the completion of the Construction Preparation Period and in any event prior to the commencement of any Work on the Site, the Contractor shall submit in accordance with the style and format of a specimen to be furnished by the Owner for consideration of the Owner the following: (1) a proposal for rental rates on heavy construction equipment that shall apply in the event Change Order Work is performed, and (2) a proposal for wage rates for the types of project labor that shall apply in the event of the execution of any Change Order Work. Under penalty of false swearing, a principal of the contracting firm shall certify that the proposal for rental rates and proposal for wage rates do not exceed current costs for like services. The Owner will in no event consider a rental rate in excess of eighty percent of the rate set forth in the latest edition of the "Compilation of Nationally Averaged Rental Rates for Construction Equipment" of the Associated Equipment Distributors unless the rates proposed in excess of eighty percent are supported by proof satisfactory to the Owner that the excess rates are reasonable. If the equipment is owned by the Contractor the costs shall be charged at a maximum of eighty percent of market monthly rental rates for the amount of time used. If applicable, transportation costs may be included. The decision of the Owner shall be final, binding and conclusive on all parties. Rental rates shall be payable only for the actual time the equipment is required on the Site.

  • Alternate Work Schedule An alternate work schedule is any work schedule where an employee is regularly scheduled to work five (5) days per week, but the employee’s regularly scheduled two (2) days off are NOT Saturday and Sunday.

  • Preliminary Schedule A preliminary schedule of construction indicating the starting and completion dates of the various stages of the Work, including any information and following any form as may be specified in the Specifications. Once approved by District, this shall become the Construction Schedule. This schedule shall include and identify all tasks that are on the Project’s critical path with a specific determination of the start and completion of each critical path task as well as all Contract milestones and each milestone’s completion date(s) as may be required by the District.

  • MSAA Indicator Technical Specification Document This Agreement shall be interpreted with reference to the MSAA Indicator Technical Specifications document.

  • Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number Requirement Grantee will provide their valid DUNS number contemporaneous with execution of this Agreement.

  • Design Criteria The Engineer shall develop the roadway design criteria based on the controlling factors specified by the State (i.e. 4R, 3R, 2R, or special facilities), by use of the funding categories, design speed, functional classification, roadway class and any other set criteria as set forth in PS&E Preparation Manual, Roadway Design Manual, Bridge Design Manual, Hydraulic Design Manual, and other deemed necessary State approved manuals. In addition, the Engineer shall prepare the Design Summary Report (DSR) and submit it electronically. The Engineer shall obtain written concurrence from the State prior to proceeding with a design if any questions arise during the design process regarding the applicability of State’s design criteria.

  • Development Schedule The Project shall substantially comply with the specific timetables and triggers for action set forth in Article 5 of this Agreement. The parties acknowledge that, as provided in G.S. 160A-400.25(b), the failure to meet a commencement or completion date shall not, in and of itself, constitute a material breach of this Agreement pursuant to G.S. 160A-400.27 but must be judged based upon the totality of the circumstances.

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