PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Guests arriving with pets will not be accepted, and no refund will be offered for cancelling the reservation is such a case.


Boot Allowance The Employer will pay an allowance to each employee a maximum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) annually upon receipt of purchase of boots. The allowance is intended as reimbursement for the purchase of work boots, as required, for all seasons.
Education Allowance Provisions in existing Collective Agreements providing for educational allowances shall be continued in effect.
Pets Unless otherwise stated in this Lease Agreement, the only pets that shall be allowed on the Premises are those needed legally due to a disability or handicap.
Isolation Allowance 2.6 Special Allowances, i.e., Moving, Travel, Isolation, One Room School, Rural, Outer Island, Village Assignment, Pro-D Travel Allowance, etc.
Clothing Allowance Permanent Drivers shall receive a Clothing Allowance at the completion of the first full pay period in January of each year. The amount of the allowance shall be two hundred dollars ($200.00) per annum. New permanent drivers shall receive a prorated portion of the above stated allowance bi-weekly until the last pay period of the year in which they commence employment. Thereafter they will receive two hundred dollars ($200.00) per annum paid on the first full pay period in January of each year. Temporary and part-time drivers shall receive a prorated portion of the above stated allowance to be paid out bi-weekly. Employment is permanent or part-time or temporary.
Transportation Allowance When an employee is required to travel to the Hospital, or to return to his home, as a result of being called back to work outside of his regularly scheduled hours, the Hospital will pay transportation costs either by taxi or by his own vehicle at the rate of (amounts to be determined locally and will be set out in the Local Provisions Appendix) or such greater amount that the Hospital may in its discretion determine for each trip. The employee will provide to the Hospital satisfactory proof of payment of such taxi fare. (The following clause related to Responsibility Pay will be incorporated into all collective agreements:)
Relocation Allowance An employee who is reassigned, transferred, receives a lateral action, or is promoted and who is required by agency policy to relocate his residence shall be granted time off with pay for one workday leave for purposes of relocating his residence. No employee will be credited with more than the number of hours in the employee’s regular workday and such time shall not be counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing compensatory time or overtime. In addition, the employee shall be granted travel reimbursement for travel from the old residence to the new residence based on the most direct route.
TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE Where an employee is required to attend or conduct a clinic away from their base hospital, or attend to employer business away from their base hospital, the employer shall, wherever possible, pay all accommodation and travel costs (i.e. the employee shall not be required to pay for such expenses and get reimbursed at a later date). Employees shall be entitled, with prior approval, to claim any actual and reasonable expenses incurred.
No Smoking All District properties are tobacco-free zones; Contractor is prohibited from using any tobacco product on District property.
Mileage Allowance An employee who is required by the City to provide a personal automobile for use in City business shall be reimbursed for such use at the current rate per mile recognized as a deductible expense by the United States Internal Revenue Code for a privately-owned automobile used for business purposes for all miles driven in the course of City business on that day with a minimum guarantee of five (5) miles.