Tourism Sample Clauses

Tourism. 1. In this field, the objective of the cooperation will be to strengthen the promotion of the tourist potentialities of the Parties, as well as to facilitate the information exchange and the conservation of natural and cultural attractions. 2. The Parties will develop tourism through: (a) strengthening of public and private institutions related to the development of tourism; and (b) promotion of the main tourist destinations of each Party.
Tourism. Cooperation between the Parties in the field of tourism shall be mainly aimed at strengthening the flow of information on tourism (through international networks, databanks, etc.); encouraging the development of infrastructure conducive to investment in the tourism sector, participation of Serbia in important European tourism organisations. It shall also aim at studying the opportunities for joint operations and strengthening cooperation between tourism enterprises, experts and governments and their competent agencies in the field of tourism, as well as transferring know-how (through training, exchanges, seminars). Cooperation shall take due account of Community acquis related to this sector. Cooperation may be integrated into a regional framework of cooperation.
Tourism. ARTICLE 66 The Parties shall cooperate in the field of tourism, with the aim of strengthening the development of a competitive and sustainable tourism industry as a generator of economic growth, empowerment, employment and foreign exchange.
Tourism. The Parties shall increase and develop cooperation between them, which shall include: - Facilitating the tourist trade; - Increasing the flow of information; - Transferring know-how; - Studying the opportunities for joint operations; - Cooperation between official tourism bodies; - Training for tourism development.
Tourism. Recognising the value of tourism in deepening mutual understanding and appreciation between the peoples of the Union and New Zealand and the economic benefits flowing from increased tourism, the Parties agree to cooperate with a view to increasing tourism in both directions between the Union and New Zealand. TITLE V COOPERATION ON JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND SECURITY
Tourism. The Parties shall increase and develop cooperation between them, which shall include: — facilitating the tourist trade, — increasing the flow of information, — transferring know-how, — studying the opportunities for joint operations, — cooperation between official tourism bodies, — training for tourism development.
Tourism. The aim of cooperation shall be to develop tourism, particularly with regard to:
Tourism. 1. Guided by the World Tourism Organization's Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and by the sustainability principles based on the "Local Agenda 21 process", the Parties shall aim to improve the exchange of information and establish best practice in order to ensure a balanced and sustainable development of tourism.
Tourism. Cooperation will aim at the sustainable development of the tourism industry in ACP countries and sub-regions, recognising its increasing importance to the growth of the services sector in ACP countries and to the expansion of their global trade, its ability to stimulate other sectors of economic activity, and the role it can play in poverty eradication. Cooperation programmes and projects will support the efforts of ACP countries to establish and improve the countries legal and institutional framework and resources for the development and implementation of sustainable tourism policies and programmes, as well as inter alia, improving the competitive position of the sector, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), investment support and promotion, product development including the development of indigenous cultures in ACP countries, and strengthening linkages between tourism and other sectors of economic activity. SECTION 2 SOCIAL AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT
Tourism. 1. For the purpose of ensuring the harmonious and profitable development of tourism in Africa, Member States undertake to: