PEAK DESIGN FLOW. The flow parameter used in determining required sewer capacities and Capacity Allocations for Shared Sewers and Regional Interceptors consisting of the following:


  • Schematic Design Phase 1.2.1 Based on the mutually agreed upon Program of Requirements, Amount Available for the Construction Contract and the Project Schedule, the Architect/Engineer shall prepare sufficient alternative approaches utilizing BIM for design and construction of the Project to satisfy Owner’s project requirements and shall, at completion of this phase, submit Schematic Design Documents derived from the model in accordance with the BIM Execution Plan, “Facility Design Guidelines” and any additional requirements set forth in Article 15. The Architect/Engineer shall review alternative approaches to design and construction for the Project as they are being modeled at intervals appropriate to the progress of the Project with the Owner and Construction Manager at the Project site or other location specified by the Owner within the State of Texas. The Architect/Engineer shall utilize the model(s) to support the review process during Schematic Design. The Architect/Engineer shall provide the Construction Manager with a compact disc containing documents and data files derived from the model to assist the Construction Manager in fulfilling its responsibilities to the Owner.

  • Final Design Phase A. After acceptance by Owner of the Preliminary Design Phase documents, revised opinion of probable Construction Cost as determined in the Preliminary Design Phase, and/or any other Right of Way plan documents, subject to any Owner-directed modifications or changes in the scope, extent, character, or design requirements of or for the Project, and upon written authorization from Owner, Engineer shall:

  • Preliminary Design Phase Preliminary Design Review Meeting with Using Agency Preliminary Design Presentation to Owner Other meeting(s): Construction Document Phase 50% CD Review Meeting with Using Agency 100% Document Review with Using Agency & Owner Other meeting(s):

  • Schematic Design Documents In accordance with the approved Preliminary Design and Construction Schedule and based upon approval of and comments made by the Owner regarding the Concept Design Studies, the Design Professional shall prepare and submit to the Owner Schematic Design Documents, including drawings and outline specifications. These documents shall represent a further development of the approved design concept, providing additional detail and specificity regarding the intended design solution. Typically, all such documents shall be drawn to scale, indicating materials and assemblies, as appropriate, to convey the design intent and to illustrate the Project’s basic elements, scale and relationship to the Site. All major pieces of furniture and equipment to be fixed or supplied by the CM/GC shall be illustrated to scale. (See ASTM Standard Practice E 1804-02, August 2007, Sections 6.3, 8.2 and 8.3 for guidance on information which is generally developed in Schematic Design.)

  • Technology Upgrades 42.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, CenturyLink may deploy, upgrade, migrate and maintain its network at its discretion. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit CenturyLink’s ability to modify its network through the incorporation of new equipment or software or otherwise. CLEC shall be solely responsible for the cost and activities associated with accommodating such changes in its own network.

  • Programming Phase Schematic Design Phase: Design Development Phase:

  • Project Design Applicants must design a project that provides access to health services to enable eligible women and men experiencing health needs to secure and maintain safe and accessible quality screening and diagnostic services, comprehensive family planning, and/ or other women’s health services.

  • Television Equipment Recycling Program If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of covered television equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is compliance with Subchapter Z, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Television Equipment Recycling Program.

  • Design Services The Engineer shall perform services during the schematic design phase, the design development phase, the contract documents phase, and the bidding period as hereinafter specified.

  • Design Phase All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement with the exception of Interdisciplinary Document Coordination Review, conducting a Card Trick session, Value-Engineering services, Estimating services. Bidding Phase • All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement. Construction Phase • All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement. Post-Construction • All Basic Services set forth in the Agreement.