Operational Costs Sample Clauses

Operational Costs. All costs related to the operation of the ISG, except those described in Article 4, shall be supported by the ISG Members in accordance with Articles 3.1., 3.2 and 3.3.
Operational Costs. Buyer and Seller acknowledge that Premier Energy Partners (I) LLC ("Premier") has invoiced Seller for Seller's share of costs for work performed on the subject Lands (the "Invoices"). If Buyer acquires the leases owned by Premier relating to the Lands and this Agreement closes, Buyer will cancel such amounts owed by Seller under the Invoices.
Operational Costs. 1. The cost of operating the Skills Center shall be met in the following manner:
Operational Costs. Electric utility costs at the Premises during the construction of the project shall be paid by Developer.
Operational Costs. The term "Operational Costs" shall mean all those normal and reasonable costs and expenses directly and indirectly associated with the daily operation of the Plant. These expenses may include, without limitation, administrative and general overhead expenses, the Management Fee, utilities, production inputs, supplies, transportation, general supplies, raw material acquisitions, insurance premiums, marketing expenses, repair expenses, maintenance expenses, engineering expenses, data processing expenses, legal, accounting and audit fees, billing expenses, expenses of preparing tax returns and reports, taxes, travel, telephone, salaries of Plant employees other than the Plant General Manager (including social security and Medicare, relief, pensions, and other benefits), interest and other incidental business expenses incurred by the Managing Company directly on behalf of the Plant in connection with the business of the Plant. Any reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the Managing Company on behalf of the Plant at the Managing Company's initial expense shall be characterized as Operational Costs and reimbursed. All Operational Costs are the direct or indirect obligation of the Company and ultimately paid by the Company.
Operational Costs. Cost of operation is hereby defined to mean the total cost of operating the Skills Center program, which includes reserve funds, as determined by the Administrative Council for equipment replacement, program flexibility and financial stability. The cost of the operation shall be offset by any federal, state, local or private allotments and contributions received by the Host District expressly for the operation of the Skill Center. Pupil transportation costs to and from the Skills Center for the school-year program shall be the responsibility of each resident Participating District. Transportation to and from the Skills Center for the summer program shall be the responsibility of the student. Additional support required by special needs students for the school-year program or the summer program shall be the responsibility of each resident Participating District. Revenue for the operation of the Skills Center shall consist of the following:
Operational Costs. During the period of bailment, VLI shall pay all costs associated with the use, maintenance and repair of the MACHINE, including but not limited the replacement of parts, components and equipment as required, however, all such costs shall be included in the definition of “Full Cost” as set forth in Paragraph 6.2(a). VLI shall maintain the MACHINE in good condition and in accordance with VLI’s standard practices and shall deliver the MACHINE to FIBERSTARS at FIBERSTARS’ expense at the termination of the bailment in such condition, normal wear and tear excepted.
Operational Costs. A. Travel & Training - Staff Only 0.00
Operational Costs. Any and all costs and expenses associated with the operation of the On Site Store(s), including, but not limited to, vehicle gas and maintenance costs, salary and benefits payable to NAPA employees at the On Site Store(s), worker's compensation benefits and insurance, unemployment insurance, personal property insurance for the On Site Store(s) and Inventory, any deductible for losses covered under the personal property, automobile liability, or general liability insurance policies of NAPA, and all equipment supplied by NAPA. An example of a profit and loss statement reflecting such costs and expenses is attached hereto as Exhibit B.