Official List Sample Clauses

Official List. Xxxxxxx has been admitted to and is listed on the Official List and: (i) Xxxxxxx has not been removed from the Official List and no removal from the Official List has been threatened by the ASX; and (ii) the Xxxxxxx Shares are quoted on the ASX and are not suspended from quotation (other than as a result of the transactions contemplated under this Agreement or the Financing) and no suspension has been threatened by the ASX.
Official List. “Official List” means the Official List of the London Stock Exchange.
Official List. The official list maintained by the UK Listing Authority.

Related to Official List

  • Official Language The official text of this Agreement and any appendices, exhibits and schedules hereto, or any notice given or accounts or statements required by this Agreement shall be in English. In the event of any dispute concerning the construction or meaning of this Agreement, reference shall be made only to this Agreement as written in English and not to any other translation into any other language.

  • Official Languages In areas of significant demand, the Recipient agrees to provide all information and services pertaining to the RHI in both French and English. The Recipient will use the criteria for communications and services in the Official Languages Regulations made pursuant to Canada's Official Languages Act as a guideline to determine "significant demand". The Recipient will consult with representatives of local minority language groups.

  • Official Time Duty time that is granted to representatives on behalf of the exclusive representative to perform representational functions without loss of pay or charge to an employee’s leave account. Official time will not be granted for internal union business, as defined by 5 USC 7131(b).

  • Official Record The Seller agrees that this Agreement is and shall remain at all times before the time at which this Agreement terminates an official record of the Seller as referred to in Section 13(e) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

  • Official Records The resolutions of Transferor's Board of Directors approving each of the Transaction Documents and all documents relating thereto are and shall be continuously reflected in the minutes of Transferor's Board of Directors. Each of the Transaction Documents and all documents relating thereto are and shall, continuously from the time of their respective execution by Transferor, be official records of Transferor.

  • Official Personnel File Only one (1) official personnel file shall be kept for each employee at the appropriate personnel office. Records of previous discipline not found in the official personnel file cannot be used against an employee in any future disciplinary proceeding. Grievances shall not be kept in the employee’s official personnel file. Employees shall be informed as to where their personnel file is maintained.

  • School Official Designation Pursuant to Article I, Paragraph 1 of the DPA Standard Clauses, and in accordance with FERPA, ISSRA and SOPPA, in performing its obligations under the DPA, the Provider is acting as a school official with legitimate educational interest; is performing an institutional service or function for which the LEA would otherwise use its own employees; is under the direct control of the LEA with respect to the use and maintenance of Student Data; and is using Student Data only for an authorized purpose and in furtherance of such legitimate educational interest.

  • Official Use Only No Personal Use The Contract is only for official use by Authorized Users. Use of the Contract for personal or private purposes is strictly prohibited.

  • Official Statement So long as any Bond Letter of Credit shall remain outstanding, refer to the applicable LC Issuing Bank in the Official Statement with respect to the applicable Bonds or make any changes in reference to such LC Issuing Bank in any revision, amendment or supplement without the prior consent of such LC Issuing Bank, or revise, amend or supplement such Official Statement without providing a copy of such revision, amendment or supplement, as the case may be, to such LC Issuing Bank.

  • Department Head A. Within ten (10) business days from his/her receipt of the decision resulting from the previous level, the employee may appeal to the Department Head using the original copy of the grievance.