NOTICES ABOUT SECURITY DEPOSITS. 92.108, Texas Property Code provides that a tenant may not withhold payment of any portion of the last month’s rent on grounds that the security deposit is security for unpaid rent. • If deductions exceed the security deposit, Tenant will pay to Landlord the excess within ten (10) days after Landlord makes written demand. • Bad faith violations of §92.108 may subject a tenant to liability up to three (3) times the rent wrongfully withheld and the landlord’s reasonable attorney’s fees. • The Property Code does not obligate a landlord to return or account for the security deposit until the tenant surrenders the Property and gives the landlord a written statement of the tenant’s forwarding address, after which the landlord has thirty (30) days in which to account.


  • Security Deposits The Owner hereby grants the Agent power to collect security deposits from the tenants on the Property. Returning said security deposit shall be the responsibility of the: (check one) ☐ - Agent for returning to vacating tenants. ☐ - Owner for returning to vacating tenants.

  • Security Deposit Account If applicable law or a Lender requires a segregated account of Tenant security deposits, Property Manager will open a separate account at a reputable bank or other financial institution. Property Manager may return such deposits to any Tenant in the ordinary course of business in accordance with the terms of the applicable Lease.

  • Security Deposit Tenant shall deposit with Landlord, upon delivery of an executed copy of this Lease to Landlord, a security deposit (the “Security Deposit”) for the performance of all of Tenant’s obligations hereunder in the amount set forth on page 1 of this Lease, which Security Deposit shall be in the form of an unconditional and irrevocable letter of credit (the “Letter of Credit”): (i) in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Landlord, (ii) naming Landlord as beneficiary, (iii) expressly allowing Landlord to draw upon it at any time from time to time by delivering to the issuer notice that Landlord is entitled to draw thereunder, (iv) issued by an FDIC-insured financial institution satisfactory to Landlord, and (v) redeemable by presentation of a sight draft (which may be presented by delivery by overnight courier) at the financial institution’s offices in the United States. If Tenant does not provide Landlord with a substitute Letter of Credit complying with all of the requirements hereof at least 10 days before the stated expiration date of any then current Letter of Credit, Landlord shall have the right to draw the full amount of the current Letter of Credit and hold the funds drawn in cash without obligation for interest thereon as the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit shall be held by Landlord as security for the performance of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease. The Security Deposit is not an advance rental deposit or a measure of Landlord’s damages in case of Tenant’s default. Upon each occurrence of a Default (as defined in Section 20), Landlord may use all or any part of the Security Deposit to pay delinquent payments due under this Lease, future rent damages under California Civil Code Section 1951.2, and the cost of any damage, injury, expense or liability caused by such Default, without prejudice to any other remedy provided herein or provided by law. Landlord’s right to use the Security Deposit under this Section 6 includes the right to use the Security Deposit to pay future rent damages following the termination of this Lease pursuant to Section 21(c) below. Upon any use of all or any portion of the Security Deposit, Tenant shall pay Landlord on demand the amount that will restore the Security Deposit to the amount set forth on Page 1 of this Lease. Tenant hereby waives the provisions of any law, now or hereafter in force, including, without limitation, California Civil Code Section 1950.7, which provide that Landlord may claim from a security deposit only those sums reasonably necessary to remedy defaults in the payment of Rent, to repair damage caused by Tenant or to clean the Premises, it being agreed that Landlord may, in addition, claim those sums reasonably necessary to compensate Landlord for any other loss or damage, foreseeable or unforeseeable, caused by the act or omission of Tenant or any officer, employee, agent or invitee of Tenant. Upon bankruptcy or other debtor-creditor proceedings against Tenant, the Security Deposit shall be deemed to be applied first to the payment of Rent and other charges due Landlord for periods prior to the filing of such proceedings. Upon any such use of all or any portion of the Security Deposit, Tenant shall, within 5 days after demand from Landlord, restore the Security Deposit to its original amount. If Tenant shall fully perform every provision of this Lease to be performed by Tenant, the Security Deposit, or any balance thereof (i.e., after deducting therefrom all amounts to which Landlord is entitled under the provisions of this Lease), shall be returned to Tenant (or, at Landlord’s option, to the last assignee of Tenant’s interest hereunder) within 60 days after the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease. If Landlord transfers its interest in the Project or this Lease, Landlord shall either (a) transfer any Security Deposit then held by Landlord to a person or entity assuming Landlord’s obligations under this Section 6, or (b) return to Tenant any Security Deposit then held by Landlord and remaining after the deductions permitted herein. Upon such transfer to such transferee or the return of the Security Deposit to Tenant, Landlord shall have no further obligation with respect to the Security Deposit, and Tenant’s right to the return of the Security Deposit shall apply solely against Landlord’s transferee. The Security Deposit is not an advance rental deposit or a measure of Landlord’s damages in case of Tenant’s default. Landlord’s obligation respecting the Security Deposit is that of a debtor, not a trustee, and no interest shall accrue thereon.

  • Additional Security Deposit No additional security deposit shall be required in connection with this Amendment.

  • Rent and Security Deposit (if applicable). Renter will pay the Town a rental fee of $ at the signing of this Rental Agreement. Renter will also pay the Town a security deposit of $ at the signing of this Rental Agreement.

  • Collection Practices; Escrow Deposits; Interest Rate Adjustments The origination, servicing and collection practices used by the Seller and the Interim Servicer with respect to the Mortgage Loan have been in all respects in compliance with Accepted Servicing Practices, applicable laws and regulations, and have been in all respects legal and proper. With respect to escrow deposits and Escrow Payments, all such payments are in the possession of, or under the control of, the Seller or the Interim Servicer and there exist no deficiencies in connection therewith for which customary arrangements for repayment thereof have not been made. All Escrow Payments have been collected in full compliance with state and federal law and the provisions of the related Mortgage Note and Mortgage. An escrow of funds is not prohibited by applicable law and has been established in an amount sufficient to pay for every item that remains unpaid and has been assessed but is not yet due and payable. No escrow deposits or Escrow Payments or other charges or payments due the Seller have been capitalized under the Mortgage or the Mortgage Note. All Mortgage Interest Rate adjustments have been made in strict compliance with state and federal law and the terms of the related Mortgage and Mortgage Note on the related Interest Rate Adjustment Date. If, pursuant to the terms of the Mortgage Note, another index was selected for determining the Mortgage Interest Rate, the same index was used with respect to each Mortgage Note which required a new index to be selected, and such selection did not conflict with the terms of the related Mortgage Note. The Seller or the Interim Servicer executed and delivered any and all notices required under applicable law and the terms of the related Mortgage Note and Mortgage regarding the Mortgage Interest Rate and the Monthly Payment adjustments. Any interest required to be paid pursuant to state, federal and local law has been properly paid and credited;

  • Additional Deposits (a) The Servicer and the Seller, as applicable, shall deposit or cause to be deposited in the Collection Account on the Determination Date on which such obligations are due the aggregate Purchase Amount with respect to Purchased Receivables and the aggregate Sale Amounts with respect to Sold Receivables.

  • Utility Deposits Seller shall receive a credit for the amount of deposits, if any, with utility companies that are transferable and that are assigned to Purchaser at the Closing.

  • Mandatory Deposits The following funds must be deposited into each respective Custodial T&I Account:

  • Prepaid Rent Tenant shall, upon execution of this Lease, pay to Landlord the amount set forth in Article 1 as "First Month's Prepaid Rent" as prepayment of rent for credit against the first payment of Base Monthly Rent due hereunder.