NOTICES ABOUT SECURITY DEPOSITS. 92.108, Texas Property Code provides that a tenant may not withhold payment of any portion of the last month’s rent on grounds that the security deposit is security for unpaid rent. • If deductions exceed the security deposit, Tenant will pay to Landlord the excess within ten (10) days after Landlord makes written demand. • Bad faith violations of §92.108 may subject a tenant to liability up to three (3) times the rent wrongfully withheld and the landlord’s reasonable attorney’s fees. • The Property Code does not obligate a landlord to return or account for the security deposit until the tenant surrenders the Property and gives the landlord a written statement of the tenant’s forwarding address, after which the landlord has thirty (30) days in which to account.
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  • Notices Effective From A Notice will be deemed to have been duly given 1 business day after delivery if the Notice is delivered personally, by pre-paid courier or by mail. A Notice that is delivered by facsimile with confirmation of receipt or by email where no delivery failure notification has been received will be deemed to have been duly given 1 business day after the facsimile or email was sent.

  • - LOSS-SHARING NOTICES GIVEN TO RECEIVER AND PURCHASER All notices, demands and other communications hereunder shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand, or overnight courier, receipt requested, addressed to the parties as follows: If to Receiver, to: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as Receiver for BankUnited, FSB Division of Resolutions and Receiverships 000 00xx Xxxxxx, X.X. Xxxxxxxxxx, X.X. 00000 Attention: Xxxxx Malami, Manager, Capital Markets with a copy to: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as Receiver for Room E7056 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 2226 Attn: Special Issues Unit With respect to a notice under Section 3.5 of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement, copies of such notice shall be sent to: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Legal Division 0000 Xxxxx Xx. Dallas, Texas 75201 Attention: Regional Counsel If to Assuming Bank, to: with a copy to: Such Persons and addresses may be changed from time to time by notice given pursuant to the provisions of this Article V. Any notice, demand or other communication delivered pursuant to the provisions of this Article IV shall be deemed to have been given on the . date actually received.

  • Notices; Xxxxxxxx’s Physical Address All notices given by Borrower or Lender in connection with this Security Instrument must be in writing.

  • NOTICES AND BILLS (a) Notices and bills under this contract must be sent in writing, unless this contract or the National Energy Retail Law and the Rules say otherwise.

  • NOTICES AND DOMICILIA a. Each of the Parties chooses domicilium citandi et executandi (“domicilium”) for the purposes of the giving of any notice, the payment of any sum, the serving of any process and for any other purposes arising from this Agreement at their respective addresses set forth in this agreement.

  • Notices to Lender Any notice to Lender will be given by delivering it or by mailing it by first class mail to Xxxxxx’s address stated in this Security Instrument unless Xxxxxx has designated another address (including an Electronic Address) by notice to Borrower. Any notice in connection with this Security Instrument will be deemed to have been given to Lender only when actually received by Xxxxxx at Lender’s designated address (which may include an Electronic Address). If any notice to Lender required by this Security Instrument is also required under Applicable Law, the Applicable Law requirement will satisfy the corresponding requirement under this Security Instrument.

  • Notice Address Subject to Section 4.1.4, all notices and other communications by or to a party hereto shall be in writing and shall be given to any Borrower, at Borrower Agent’s address shown on the signature pages hereof, and to any other Person at its address shown on the signature pages hereof (or, in the case of a Person who becomes a Lender after the Closing Date, at the address shown on its Assignment and Acceptance), or at such other address as a party may hereafter specify by notice in accordance with this Section 14.3. Each such notice or other communication shall be effective only (a) if given by facsimile transmission, when transmitted to the applicable facsimile number, if confirmation of receipt is received; (b) if given by mail, three Business Days after deposit in the U.S. mail, with first-class postage pre-paid, addressed to the applicable address; or (c) if given by personal delivery, when duly delivered to the notice address with receipt acknowledged. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no notice to Agent pursuant to Section 2.1.4, 2.3, 3.1.2, 4.1.1 or 5.3.3 shall be effective until actually received by the individual to whose attention at Agent such notice is required to be sent. Any written notice or other communication that is not sent in conformity with the foregoing provisions shall nevertheless be effective on the date actually received by the noticed party. Any notice received by Borrower Agent shall be deemed received by all Borrowers.

  • Notice Addresses A notice, request, direction, consent, waiver or other communication must be addressed to the recipient at its address stated in Schedule B to the Sale and Servicing Agreement, which address the party may change by notifying the other party.

  • Notices and Requests Any notice, consent or other communication ("Notice") required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by the proper authority and either: (i) delivered to the party at the address set forth below; (ii) deposited in the United States mail, registered or certified, return receipt requested, to the address set forth below; or (iii) given to a recognized and reputable overnight delivery service, to the address set forth below: If to RPTA: Regional Public Transportation Authority 000 Xxxxx 0xx Xxx., Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 (Attention: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx, Chief Executive Officer) If to TEMPE: City of Tempe 000 Xxxx 0xx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 (Attention: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Deputy Public Works Director) With a copy to: City Attorney City of Tempe 00 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 X.X. Xxx 0000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 or at such other address, and to the attention of such other person or officer as any party may designate in writing by Notice duly given pursuant to this section. Notices shall be deemed received: (a) when delivered to the party; (b) five business days after being placed in the United States Mail, properly address, with sufficient postage; or (c) the following business day after being given to a recognized overnight delivery service, with the person giving the Notice paying all required charges and instructing the delivery service to deliver on the following business day. If a copy of a Notice is also given to the party’s counsel or other recipient, the provisions above governing the date on which a notice is deemed to have been received by a party shall mean and refer to the date on which the party, and not its counsel or other recipient to which a copy of the Notice may be sent, is deemed to have received the Notice.

  • NOTICES AND DOMICILIUM 18.1 The Purchaser and the Seller hereby choose their respective addresses (domicilium citandi et executandi) for all purposes in respect of this Deed of Sale, including all notices and Court process to be delivered in terms hereof, the address recorded below his signature hereunder. Any notice sent by pre-paid registered post shall be deemed to have been received on the fifth day after posting; any notice delivered by hand shall be deemed to have been received on the day of delivery; any notice sent by telefax or electronically transmitted by email, shall be deemed to have been received on the first business day after date of despatch thereof.

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