NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. The Union agrees there shall be no strikes and the Hospital agrees there shall be no lockouts so long as this Agreement continues to operate. The terms "strike" and "
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. The Employer and the Union acknowledge that this Agreement provides, through the grievance procedure and through other administrative remedies, for an orderly settlement of grievances or disputes which may arise between the parties. Accordingly, the parties agree that the public interest requires the uninterrupted performance of all University services and to this end pledge to prevent or eliminate any conduct contrary to that objective. Therefore, during the life of the Agreement the Employer shall not lockout any of the employees as a result of a labor dispute or grievance or disputes on personnel matters nor shall the Union condone or authorize a work stoppage, work slowdown, or any other curtailment of work in the bargaining units. Should the employees engage in any unauthorized concerted action, a Joint Union/Management Committee shall immediately convene and shall continue to meet until the dispute is settled, and the employees involved shall immediately return to work and continue working. Any employee who refuses to perform his/her work may be subject to disciplinary action. There will be no strike or lockout regarding any matters pertaining to the contents of this Agreement. Any action of the Employer in closing the University during a general strike, riot, or civil disturbance for the protection of the institution, its property, or its employees shall not be deemed a lockout. Any action of an employee in refusing to cross, for his/her own personal safety, a picket line at the Employer's premises in case of an officially declared strike by some other employee organization or union representing employees working for the Employer shall not constitute a violation of this clause of the Agreement, provided, however, that such a decision shall be made freely by the employee without coercion by either the Employer or the Union and provided further that nothing herein shall preclude the Employer from continuing to operate the University with or without temporary replacement personnel.
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. A. It is agreed that during the term of this Agreement, there shall be no lockout on the part of the Board, nor any strike, stoppage, slowdown or other interruption of work for any cause whatsoever by the employees or the Association.
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. ‌ There shall be no strikes, slowdowns or work stoppages of any kind for any reason on the part of union or employees during the term of this agreement, nor shall there be any lockout of employees during the term of this agreement.
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. 7.01 The Union undertakes that there will be no strike as defined in the Ontario Labour Relations Act during the term of this Agreement nor will the Union or any of its members (during their scheduled hours of work) take part in sympathy strikes, work slowdowns, or any other such related action arising from the activities of other units, Locals, Unions, employee groups or persons.
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. 6.01 During the term of this Agreement, neither the Union nor any of its officers or officials nor any employee shall take part in or call or encourage any strike, sit-down, slow-down or any suspension of work against OPTIONS which shall in any way affect the operations of OPTIONS, nor shall OPTIONS or any of its officers or officials engage in any lockout of employees.
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. (a) During the term of this Agreement, the Hospital will not cause or direct any lockout of its employees and the Union will not cause direct or condone any strike or other individual or collective action which will interfere with, or in any way impair the services of the Hospital, and if employees engage in such action, the Union shall instruct and direct such employees to return to work and resort to the Grievance Procedure herein contained. The definition of the terms and as used in Section (a) above, shall be in accordance with the Labour Relations Act Chapter and amendments thereto.
NO STRIKE/LOCKOUT. Full-time and Part-time Any provision related to No Strike/Lockout in the expiring Collective Agreement shall be continued under Article 6.