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Minimum provisions. G.2.1 Full-time and part-time team members with at least 12 months continuous service are entitled to take 52 weeks, or up to 104 weeks on request, of unpaid parental leave. Team members can choose to take annual leave or long service leave as part of their total 104 week parental leave period. When a team member is on unpaid parental leave, they do not accrue annual leave or personal/carers leave.
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Minimum provisions. Homes rehabbed for resale shall comply with the following standards.
Minimum provisions. The statutes typically require that a development agreement specify certain substantive terms, including:
Minimum provisions a) Story Consultants shall be contracted on an episodic, daily, weekly or monthly basis; Story Consultants' fees shall be negotiable. Story Consultants' fees shall not be deductible from any Development Fees, Script Fees. Broadcast and Distribution Fees, residuals or royalties. Story Consultants shall receive on-screen credit on each Program, the nature and location of which will be set out in the Story Consultant's contracts. Credit notification for the Story Consultant shall be filed with the at the same time as the Writer's notification. The Story Consultant's credit shall not directly precede or follow the writing credit.

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  • Final Provisions Clause 16 Non-compliance with the Clauses and termination

  • SECTION 12 – GENERAL PROVISIONS 12.1 The parties may amend any provision of the Agreement at any time by agreement in writing.

  • Data Provisions Subject to the limitations contained in CA Government Code Section 3558, the City shall provide the Union with all required information on newly-hired employees to the extent it is made available to the City. In addition, within ten (10) business days of the conclusion of each NEO, the City agrees to provide the Union with a stand-alone report containing a list of employees, including classification code and division, who were scheduled to, but did not attend each NEO.

  • General Leave Provisions 21.1.1 Except where explicitly noted in Article 00 Xxxxx Xxxxx, the Employer may implement, modify, or eliminate the leaves of absence as outlined in this Article and consistent with all state and federal leave requirements. The Employer reserves the right to modify its Leave of Absence policies. The Employer will inform the Union of any material and substantial changes in its Leave of Absence policies prior to implementation.

  • Final provision 1. This Agreement shall be deposited with the Secretary General of the ASEAN Secretariat who shall promptly furnish a certified copy thereof to each Member State.

  • TECHNICAL PROVISIONS The Contractor will furnish all labor, materials, equipment, supervision, tools, transportation, supplies, manpower and pay disposal fees, to complete the work specified in this contract. As stated, the work performed will consist of mowing (roadside and slope/ditch mowing, litter and grass clipping removal, edging, herbicide treatment, brush control), fertilization of turf and additional litter removal.

  • Initial Provisions Article 1

  • GENERAL WAGE PROVISIONS 26.1 Employees shall be paid according to the wage schedule of the classifications to which they are assigned, with credit for years of service within the classification and any credit for industry experience recognized by the Company at the time of hiring.

  • SAFETY PROVISIONS It is the essence of this Order that all Services to be performed by Seller shall be done in a safe and good workmanlike manner, free of any accidents. Accordingly, Seller shall promulgate, maintain, and enforce appropriate safety and health rules and procedures (including training) with respect to its personnel and the Work to be performed hereunder, which rules and procedures at a minimum shall be the equivalent of or exceed applicable Buyer safety and health rules. All Services performed hereunder shall fully comply with all lawful governmental safety and health requirements, including the rules and standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 ("OSHA"), as amended, and any other applicable federal, state and/or local safety or health laws, rules or regulations. Any equipment provided by Buyer to Seller for the benefit of Seller's employees or those of its subcontractors shall be at the sole risk and liability of Seller to make sure that such equipment is fit for the use intended and is in proper working order. XXXXXX AGREES TO INDEMNIFY (INCLUDING ATTORNEYS' FEES) DEFEND, AND TO SAVE HARMLESS BUYER FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OF SELLER, SELLER’S SUBCONTRACTORS, AND THEIR EMPLOYEES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF ANY EQUIPMENT FURNISHED BY BUYER OR ADVICE GIVEN BY BUYER RELATING TO SUCH EQUIPMENT, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, IT BEING UNDERSTOOD THAT BUYER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE UNDER LAW, CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, OR OTHERWISE. Seller shall maintain a drug and alcohol-free workforce at all times while on Xxxxx's premises/location. Upon Xxxxx's request, Seller shall provide Buyer with a copy of all accident reports prepared by or submitted to Seller, including all OSHA illness and injury reports.

  • REPORTING PROVISIONS Any failure to comply with reporting provisions of the policies shall not affect coverage provided in relation to this request.

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