Merger or Conversion Sample Clauses

Merger or Conversion. The Partnership may merge with or convert into another limited partnership or other business entity, or enter into an agreement to do so, only with the consent of the General Partner and a Required Interest.
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Merger or Conversion 

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  • Certificate of Merger or Conversion Upon the required approval by the Manager of a Merger Agreement or a Plan of Conversion, as the case may be, a certificate of merger or certificate of conversion, as applicable, shall be executed and filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware in conformity with the requirements of the Delaware Act.

  • Merger Consolidation or Conversion of the Depositor, the Master Servicers, the Trust Advisor or the Special Servicers.

  • Effect of Merger, Consolidation or Conversion (a) At the effective time of the certificate of merger:

  • Procedure for Merger, Consolidation or Conversion (a) Merger, consolidation or conversion of the Partnership pursuant to this Article XIV requires the prior consent of the General Partner, provided, however, that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, the General Partner shall have no duty or obligation to consent to any merger, consolidation or conversion of the Partnership and may decline to do so free of any fiduciary duty or obligation whatsoever to the Partnership, any Limited Partner and, in declining to consent to a merger, consolidation or conversion, shall not be required to act in good faith or pursuant to any other standard imposed by this Agreement, any other agreement contemplated hereby or under the Delaware Act or any other law, rule or regulation or at equity.


  • CONSOLIDATION, MERGER, CONVEYANCE OR TRANSFER Section 801. Company May Consolidate, Etc.,

  • Adjustment for Capital Reorganization, Merger or Consolidation In case of any capital reorganization of the capital stock of the Company (other than a combination, reclassification, exchange or subdivision of shares otherwise provided for herein), or any merger or consolidation of the Company with or into another corporation, or the sale of all or substantially all the assets of the Company then, and in each such case, as a part of such reorganization, merger, consolidation, sale or transfer, lawful provision shall be made so that the Holder of this Warrant shall thereafter be entitled to receive upon exercise of this Warrant, during the period specified herein and upon payment of the Purchase Price then in effect, the number of shares of stock or other securities or property of the successor corporation resulting from such reorganization, merger, consolidation, sale or transfer that a holder of the shares deliverable upon exercise of this Warrant would have been entitled to receive in such reorganization, consolidation, merger, sale or transfer if this Warrant had been exercised immediately before such reorganization, merger, consolidation, sale or transfer, all subject to further adjustment as provided in this Section 4. The foregoing provisions of this Section 4.4 shall similarly apply to successive reorganizations, consolidations, mergers, sales and transfers and to the stock or securities of any other corporation that are at the time receivable upon the exercise of this Warrant. If the per-share consideration payable to the Holder hereof for shares in connection with any such transaction is in a form other than cash or marketable securities, then the value of such consideration shall be determined in good faith by the Company’s Board of Directors. In all events, appropriate adjustment (as determined in good faith by the Company’s Board of Directors) shall be made in the application of the provisions of this Warrant with respect to the rights and interests of the Holder after the transaction, to the end that the provisions of this Warrant shall be applicable after that event, as near as reasonably may be, in relation to any shares or other property deliverable after that event upon exercise of this Warrant.

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