Information and compliance undertakings Sample Clauses

Information and compliance undertakings. The Lessee undertakes with the Lessor that from the date of this Lease and thereafter so long as any moneys are owing under this Lease or any of the other Lease Documents it will:
Information and compliance undertakings. The Operator shall throughout the Grant Period:
Information and compliance undertakings. Each of the Hirer and the Surety undertakes with the Owner that it will:

Related to Information and compliance undertakings

  • COMPLIANCE UNDERTAKINGS 6.1. The Fund undertakes to comply with Subchapter M and Section 817(h) of the Code, and all regulations issued thereunder.

  • Documentation and compliance (a) The data importer shall promptly and adequately deal with enquiries from the data exporter that relate to the processing under these Clauses.

  • INFORMATION UNDERTAKINGS The undertakings in this Clause 20 remain in force from the date of this Agreement for so long as any amount is outstanding under the Finance Documents or any Commitment is in force.

  • DATA PROTECTION AND CONFIDENTIALITY 5.1 The parties shall keep confidential all information relating to this Agreement unless such information has become public knowledge otherwise than in breach of this clause or disclosure or disclosure is required by law or a party's regulatory body or disclosure is made in confidence to their professional adviser.

  • ERISA Information and Compliance The Obligors will promptly furnish and will cause the Subsidiaries and any ERISA Affiliate to promptly furnish to the Administrative Agent with sufficient copies to the Lenders (i) promptly after the filing thereof with the United States Secretary of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service or the PBGC, copies of each annual and other report with respect to each Plan or any trust created thereunder, (ii) immediately upon becoming aware of the occurrence of any ERISA Event or of any “prohibited transaction,” as described in section 406 of ERISA or in section 4975 of the Code, in connection with any Plan or any trust created thereunder, a written notice signed by a Responsible Officer specifying the nature thereof, what action the Obligors, the Subsidiary or the ERISA Affiliate is taking or proposes to take with respect thereto, and, when known, any action taken or proposed by the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor or the PBGC with respect thereto, and (iii) immediately upon receipt thereof, copies of any notice of the PBGCs intention to terminate or to have a trustee appointed to administer any Plan. With respect to each Plan (other than a Multiemployer Plan), the Obligors will, and will cause each Subsidiary and ERISA Affiliate to, (i) satisfy in full and in a timely manner, without incurring any late payment or underpayment charge or penalty and without giving rise to any lien, all of the contribution and funding requirements of section 412 of the Code (determined without regard to subsections (d), (e), (f) and (k) thereof) and of section 302 of ERISA (determined without regard to sections 303, 304 and 306 of ERISA), and (ii) pay, or cause to be paid, to the PBGC in a timely manner, without incurring any late payment or underpayment charge or penalty, all premiums required pursuant to sections 4006 and 4007 of ERISA.

  • FINANCIAL INFORMATION AND NOTICES Until all the Obligations have been finally and indefeasibly paid and satisfied in full and the Commitments terminated, unless consent has been obtained in the manner set forth in Section 12.9 hereof, the Borrower will furnish or cause to be furnished to the Administrative Agent and each Lender at its address set forth in Schedule 1, or such other office as may be designated by the Agent or the applicable Lender from time to time:

  • Compliance and Confidentiality The Warrant Agent shall perform its duties under this Agreement in compliance with all applicable laws and keep confidential all information relating to this Agreement and, except as required by applicable law, shall not use such information for any purpose other than the performance of the Warrant Agent’s obligations under this Agreement.

  • Litigation and Compliance (a) There are no actions, suits, claims or proceedings, whether in equity or at law or, any Governmental investigations pending or, to the knowledge of VCP23, threatened:

  • Information and Confidentiality 6.1 Each party will provide all information within its control necessary to enable the other to discharge its obligations under this agreement.

  • Access to Information and Services 12 6.1. Provision of Corporate Records.................................... 12 6.2. Access to Information............................................. 12 6.3. Production of Witnesses and Individuals........................... 12 6.4.