IN THE AMOUNT OF $ Sample Clauses

IN THE AMOUNT OF $. With respect to such Borrowing, the undersigned Borrower hereby represents and warrants that each of the conditions set forth in [Sections 5.01(a) and (b)]1 [Sections 5.02(a), (b), (g), (h) and, if applicable, (i)]2 of the Credit Agreement has been satisfied on and as of the date of such Borrowing. 1 For purposes of the initial Credit Extension. 2 For purposes of all Credit Extensions other than the initial Credit Extension. FTD COMPANIES, INC., a Delaware corporation By: Name: Title: Exhibit 2.05 FORM OF NOTICE OF LOAN PREPAYMENT TO: Bank of America, N.A., as Administrative Agent RE: Superpriority Secured Debtor-in-Possession Credit Agreement, dated as of June 5, 2019 (as amended, restated, amended and restated, extended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Credit Agreement;” the terms defined therein being used herein as therein defined), among FTD Companies, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Borrower”), the Guarantors party thereto, the Lenders from time to time party thereto, and Bank of America, N.A., as Administrative Agent DATE: ___________, _____ The Company hereby notifies the Administrative Agent that on _____________, pursuant to the terms of Section 2.05 of the Credit Agreement, the Company intends to prepay/repay the Revolving Loans in the amount of $__________:
IN THE AMOUNT OF $. ORIGINALLY MATURING (original maturity date) We, the undersigned, being all of the parties to the above described Subordinated Loan Agreement ("Agreement") and Promissory Note ("Note") related thereto, hereby mutually agree and consent to amend said Agreement and Note as follows:

Related to IN THE AMOUNT OF $

  • Amount Subject to and upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement Borrower may request Advances in an aggregate outstanding amount not to exceed the lesser of (A) the Revolving Line or (B) the Borrowing Base. Except as set forth in the Pricing Addendum, amounts borrowed pursuant to this Section 2.1(b) may be repaid and reborrowed at any time without penalty or premium prior to the Revolving Maturity Date, at which time all Advances under this Section 2.1(b) shall be immediately due and payable.

  • Gross Proceeds The aggregate purchase price of all Shares sold for the account of the Company through all Offerings, without deduction for Sales Commissions, volume discounts, any marketing support and due diligence expense reimbursement or Organization and Offering Expenses. For the purpose of computing Gross Proceeds, the purchase price of any Share for which reduced Sales Commissions are paid to the Dealer Manager or a Soliciting Dealer (where net proceeds to the Company are not reduced) shall be deemed to be the full amount of the offering price per Share pursuant to the Prospectus for such Offering without reduction.

  • Maximum Interest Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement or any other Loan Document, it is the parties’ intent not to contract for, charge or receive interest at a rate that is greater than the maximum rate permissible by law that a court of competent jurisdiction shall deem applicable hereto (which under the laws of the State of California shall be deemed to be the laws relating to permissible rates of interest on commercial loans) (the “Maximum Rate”). If a court of competent jurisdiction shall finally determine that Borrower has actually paid to Lender an amount of interest in excess of the amount that would have been payable if all of the Secured Obligations had at all times borne interest at the Maximum Rate, then such excess interest actually paid by Borrower shall be applied as follows: first, to the payment of the Secured Obligations consisting of the outstanding principal; second, after all principal is repaid, to the payment of Lender’s accrued interest, costs, expenses, professional fees and any other Secured Obligations; and third, after all Secured Obligations are repaid, the excess (if any) shall be refunded to Borrower.

  • Increase in the Aggregate Commitments (a) The Borrower may, at any time prior to the Termination Date, by notice to the Administrative Agent and in accordance with Section 2.12(b), request that the aggregate amount of the Commitments be increased by an amount of $10,000,000 or an integral multiple thereof (each a “Commitment Increase”) to be effective as of a date that is at least 90 days prior to the scheduled Termination Date then in effect (the “Increase Date”) as specified in the related notice to the Administrative Agent; provided, however that (i) in no event shall the aggregate amount of the Commitments at any time exceed $600,000,000, (ii) on the date of any request by the Borrower for a Commitment Increase and on the related Increase Date the applicable conditions set forth in Sections 3.2(f) and 6.2 shall be satisfied and (iii) prior to the effectiveness of any such increase, the Borrower shall deliver a certified copy of their Board of Directors’ resolutions authorizing such increase.

  • Maximum Amount In consideration of the services to be performed by Contractor, the State agrees to pay Contractor, in accordance with the payment provisions specified in Attachment B, a sum not to exceed $250,000.00.

  • Amount of Fee Prior to the beginning of each contract year, the UNION will notify the STATE in writing of the amount of regular membership dues, initiation fees and assessments charged by the UNION to its own members for that contract year, and the amount of the representation fee for that contract year. Any changes in the representation fee structure during the contract year shall be certified to the STATE thirty (30) days in advance of the requested date of such change. The change will be reflected in payroll deductions at the earliest time after the receipt of the request. The representation fee in lieu of dues shall be in an amount equivalent to the regular membership dues, initiation fees and assessments charged by the majority representative to its own members less the cost of benefits financed through the dues, fees and assessments and available to or benefiting only its members, but in no event shall such fee exceed 85% of the regular membership dues, fees and assessments.

  • Reimbursement Amount Except for the metropolitan areas listed below, the maximum reimbursement for meals including tax and gratuity, shall be: Breakfast $ 9.00 Lunch $11.00 Dinner $16.00 For the following metropolitan areas the maximum reimbursement shall be: Breakfast $11.00 Lunch $13.00 Dinner $20.00 The metropolitan areas are: Atlanta Boston Cleveland Denver Hartford Kansas City Miami New York City Portland, OR San Francisco St. Louis Baltimore Chicago Dallas/Fort Worth Detroit Houston Los Angeles New Orleans Philadelphia San Diego Seattle Washington D.C. See Appendix L for details related to the boundaries of the above-mentioned metropolitan areas. The metropolitan areas also include any location outside the forty-eight (48) contiguous United States. Employees who meet the eligibility requirements for two (2) or more consecutive meals shall be reimbursed for the actual costs of the meals up to the combined maximum reimbursement amount for the eligible meals.

  • Transaction Expense Amount Upon Closing, the Company shall pay Ten Thousand and No/100 United States Dollars (US$10,000.00) to Auctus Fund Management, LLC (“Auctus Management”) to cover the Holder’s due diligence, monitoring, and other transaction costs incurred for services rendered in connection herewith (the “Transaction Expense Amount”). The Transaction Expense Amount shall be offset against the proceeds of the Note and shall be paid to Auctus Management upon the execution hereof.

  • Cash Payment The Employee shall make cash payments by wire transfer, certified or bank check or personal check, in each case payable to the order of the Company; the Company shall not be required to deliver certificates for Option Shares until the Company has confirmed the receipt of good and available funds in payment of the purchase price thereof.

  • Funding Fee Seller shall pay to Bank a Funding Fee for each Participated Mortgage Loan as compensation for Bank’s costs and expenses incurred in connection with underwriting and processing its purchase of the Participation Interest in such Participated Mortgage Loan and administering such Participation Interest hereunder. The Funding Fee with respect to any Participated Mortgage Loan shall be: (a) earned in full by Bank on the related Purchase Date; and (b) payable to Bank by Seller upon the earlier to occur of the date on which: (i) all or any portion of the related Participation Interest is to be repurchased by Seller from Bank as contemplated by and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; (ii) such Participated Mortgage Loan is sold to a Take-Out Purchaser as contemplated by and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; or (iii) the entire principal balance of such Participated Mortgage Loan has been paid in full by the related Borrower.