Hiring and Employment Program Sample Clauses

Hiring and Employment Program 

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  • TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT 9.1 The Employer and the Union recognize the value and benefit of education and training designed to enhance an employee’s ability to perform their job duties. Training and employee development opportunities will be provided to employees in accordance with Employer policies and available resources.

  • Labor and Employment The Company and its Subsidiaries are and each of their Plans are in compliance in all material respects with those provisions of ERISA, the Code, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the regulations and published interpretations thereunder which are applicable to the Company or its Subsidiaries or any such Plan. As of the date hereof, no Reportable Event has occurred with respect to any Plan as to which any of the Company or its Subsidiaries are or were required to file a report with the PBGC. No Plan has any material amount of unfunded benefit liabilities (within the meaning of Section 4001(a)(18) of ERISA) or any accumulated funding deficiency (within the meaning of Section 302(a)(2) of ERISA), whether or not waived, and neither the Company nor any member of the Controlled Group has incurred or expects to incur any material withdrawal liability under Subtitle E of Title IV of ERISA to a Multiemployer Plan. The Company is in compliance in all material respects with all labor and employment laws, rules, regulations and requirements of all applicable domestic and foreign jurisdictions. There are no pending or threatened labor disputes, work stoppages or strikes.

  • Employment and Employee Benefits Matters (a) The Parties acknowledge that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as constituting an employment agreement between Xxxxxxx or any of its affiliates and any officer or employee of North Penn or an obligation on the part of Xxxxxxx or any of its affiliates to employ any such officers or employees.

  • Labor and Employment Matters (a) Except as set forth in Section 3.25 of the Company Disclosure Schedule, (i) there is no labor strike, material labor dispute, slowdown, stoppage or lockout actually pending, or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened against the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and during the past three years there has not been any such action, (ii) no labor organization claims to represent the employees of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, (iii) neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries is a party to or bound by any collective bargaining or similar agreement governing terms and conditions of employment with any labor organization, (iv) none of the employees of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is represented by any labor organization and the Company does not have any knowledge of any current organizing activities on behalf of any labor organization among the employees of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, nor, to the knowledge of the Company, does any question concerning representation exist concerning such employees, (v) there is no pending, or to the knowledge of the Company, threatened material unfair labor practice charge or complaint against the Company or any of its Subsidiaries before the National Labor Relations Board or any similar state or foreign agency, (vi) there is no material grievance arising out of any collective bargaining agreement, (vii) no material charges with respect to or relating to the Company or any of its Subsidiaries are pending before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or any other agency responsible for the prevention of unlawful employment practices, (viii) neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries has received notice of the intent of any federal, state, local or foreign agency responsible for the enforcement of labor or employment laws to conduct an investigation with respect to or relating to the Company or any of its Subsidiaries and no such investigation is in progress, (ix) the Company has procedures in place for collecting information about employee eligibility on Form I-9, collects such information and follows applicable Laws governing U.S. citizenship in all material respects, and (x) there are no material complaints, lawsuits or other proceedings pending or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened in any forum by or on behalf of any present or former employee of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries alleging breach of any express or implied contract of employment, any law or regulation governing employment or the termination thereof or other discriminatory, wrongful or tortious conduct in connection with the employment relationship.

  • Consideration of Criminal History in Hiring and Employment Decisions 10.14.1 Contractor agrees to comply fully with and be bound by all of the provisions of Chapter 12T, “City Contractor/Subcontractor Consideration of Criminal History in Hiring and Employment Decisions,” of the San Francisco Administrative Code (“Chapter 12T”), including the remedies provided, and implementing regulations, as may be amended from time to time. The provisions of Chapter 12T are incorporated by reference and made a part of this Agreement as though fully set forth herein. The text of the Chapter 12T is available on the web at xxxx://xxxxx.xxx/olse/fco. Contractor is required to comply with all of the applicable provisions of 12T, irrespective of the listing of obligations in this Section. Capitalized terms used in this Section and not defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in Chapter 12T.

  • Post-Agreement Employment In the event the Executive remains in the employ of the Company or any of its Affiliates following termination of this Agreement, by the expiration of the Term or otherwise, then such employment shall be at will.

  • Summer Employment Faculty on nine-month appointments are given preference when additional staffing is needed for the summer term. Compensation is based on an established percentage of the nine-month salary. Any non-tenure-track faculty member who served in a nine-month faculty contract the year prior who is recommended for employment during the following summer term will be paid the established percentage of the nine- month salary rather than the established adjunct rate.

  • Terms of Employment The Company and the Employee agree that the Employee’s employment is “at will” and that their employment relationship may be terminated by either party at any time, with or without cause, and, if applicable, in accordance with Section 2 below. If the Employee’s employment with the Company terminates for any reason following a Change in Control, but on or before the first anniversary of the Change in Control, the Employee shall not be entitled to any payments, benefits, damages, awards or compensation other than as provided by this Agreement. During his or her employment with the Company, the Employee agrees to devote his or her full business time, energy and skill to his or her duties with the Company. These duties shall include, but not be limited to, any duties consistent with the Employee’s position that may be assigned to the Employee from time to time by the Company or the Board.

  • Post-Employment Activities 10.1 For a period of one (1) year after the termination, for any reason, of my employment with the Company, absent the Company's prior written approval, I will not directly or indirectly engage in activities similar or reasonably related to those in which I shall have engaged for the Company during the two years immediately preceding termination, nor render services similar or reasonably related to those which I shall have rendered during such time to, any person or entity whether existing or hereafter established that directly competes with (or proposes or plans to directly compete with) the Company, or in other areas where the Company carries on a substantial amount of business ("Direct Competitor"). In addition, I shall not entice, induce or encourage any of the Company's other employees to engage in any activity that, were it done by me, would violate any provision of this Agreement.

  • Prior Employment Agreement Effective as of the Agreement Date, this Agreement supersedes any prior employment agreement between the Employee and the Company.