Hereinafter Sample Clauses

Hereinafter the liabilities and obligations assumed by MGI are collectively referred to as the "Assumed Liabilities".) MGI shall not assume or agree to perform, pay or discharge, and Chronimed shall remain liable for, all obligations, liabilities and commitments, fixed or contingent, of Chronimed other than the Assumed Liabilities, specifically including those which relate exclusively to the Other Businesses and the G&A Activities (the "Retained Liabilities"). MGI shall use reasonable commercial efforts to obtain Chronimed's release from the Assumed Liabilities, including, without limitation, from guaranties included in the Assumed Liabilities.
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Hereinafter and/or words of similar meaning are always considered pertaining to the whole Terms of Sale and all paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and provisions of this Terms of Sale.
Hereinafter the transactions and assignments described in 1.3(a), 1.3(b) and 1.3(c) hereof shall be referred to as the JMC Assignment.