From the Facility Sample Clauses

From the Facility. Seller may resume delivery of Electric Energy from the Unit(s) as soon as the Units can produce Electric Energy (if it can be scheduled by Buyer on such short notice). Otherwise, Seller's election under Sections 4.5.2, as applicable above shall take effect no sooner than the top of the next hour provided Seller notifies Buyer 45 minutes in advance of such delivery (for example, if the incident occurs at 0810, Seller's provision of Replacement Power may begin at 0900, avoiding Availability Adjustments as of 0900 but subject to an Availability Adjustment for the period between 0810 and 0900). Seller shall incur an Availability Adjustment only in the event that the incident meets the definition of Forced Outage or Forced Derating and Seller fails to deliver or cause to be delivered Replacement Power or Substitute Power. If Seller is able to resume delivery of Electric Energy before any Outage Election is made, Seller may do so immediately without waiting until the top of the next hour, if it can be scheduled by Buyer on such short notice.

Related to From the Facility

Disbursements from Replacement Reserve Account (a) Lender shall make disbursements from the Replacement Reserve Account to pay Borrower only for the costs of the Replacements. Lender shall not be obligated to make disbursements from the Replacement Reserve Account to reimburse Borrower for the costs of routine maintenance to the Property or for costs which are to be reimbursed from the Required Repair Fund (if any).
Disbursements from the Escrow Account a. The Escrow Agent will continue to hold such funds until Cornell Capital Partners, LP on behalf of the Investor(s) and Company execute a Joint Written Direction directing the Escrow Agent to disburse the Escrow Funds pursuant to Joint Written Direction signed by the Company and the Investor(s). In disbursing such funds, Escrow Agent is authorized to rely upon such Joint Written Direction from the Company and the Investor(s) and may accept any signatory from the Company listed on the signature page to this Agreement and any signature from the Investor(s) that the Escrow Agent already has on file.
Establishment of Escrow Account; Deposits in Escrow Account With respect to those Mortgage Loans on which the Servicer or any Sub-Servicer collects Escrow Payments, if any, the Servicer shall, and shall cause the Sub-Servicer to, segregate and hold all funds collected and received pursuant to each such Mortgage Loan which constitute Escrow Payments separate and apart from any of its own funds and general assets and shall establish and maintain one or more Escrow Accounts, in the form of trust accounts. Such Escrow Accounts shall be established with a commercial bank, a mutual savings bank or a savings and loan association the deposits of which are insured by the FDIC in a manner which shall provide maximum available insurance thereunder, and which may be drawn on by the Servicer. The Servicer shall give notice to the Trustee of the location of any Escrow Account, and of any change thereof, prior to the use thereof. Nothing in this paragraph shall be deemed to require the Servicer to collect Escrow Payments in the absence of a provision in the related Mortgage requiring such collection. The Servicer shall deposit, or cause to be deposited, in any Escrow Account or Accounts on a daily basis, and retain therein, (i) all Escrow Payments collected on account of any Mortgage Loans, for the purpose of effecting timely payment of any such items as required under the terms of this Agreement and (ii) all amounts representing proceeds of any hazard insurance policy which are to be applied to the restoration or repair of any Mortgaged Property. The Servicer shall make withdrawals therefrom only to effect such payments as are required under this Agreement, and for such other purposes as are set forth in Section 5.11. The Servicer shall be entitled to retain any interest paid on funds deposited in the Escrow Account by the depository institution other than interest on escrowed funds required by law to be paid to the related Mortgagor and, to the extent required by law, the Servicer shall pay interest on escrowed funds to the related Mortgagor notwithstanding that the Escrow Account is non-interest-bearing or that interest paid thereon is insufficient for such purposes.
Payments to the Facility Agent (a) On each date on which an Obligor or a Lender is required to make a payment under a Finance Document, that Obligor or Lender shall make the same available to the Facility Agent (unless a contrary indication appears in a Finance Document) for value on the due date at the time and in such funds specified by the Facility Agent as being customary at the time for settlement of transactions in the relevant currency in the place of payment.
Conditions to the Distribution (a) The consummation of the Distribution will be subject to the satisfaction, or waiver by Parent in its sole and absolute discretion, of the following conditions:
Escrow Account The Master Servicer may, from time to time, withdraw from the Escrow Account for the following purposes:
Balance in the Replacement Reserve Account The insufficiency of any balance in the Replacement Reserve Account shall not relieve Borrower from its obligation to fulfill all preservation and maintenance covenants in the Loan Documents.
Permitted Withdrawals From the Loan Combination Custodial Account (a) The Master Servicer may make withdrawals from the Loan Combination Custodial Account for each Serviced Loan Combination only as described below (the order set forth below not constituting an order of priority for such withdrawals), subject to the application of Penalty Charges and Modification Fees in accordance with the related Co-Lender Agreement and Section 3.14 of this Agreement:
Replacement Reserve Fund Borrower shall pay to Lender on the Closing Date and on each Payment Date one twelfth of the amount (the "REPLACEMENT RESERVE MONTHLY DEPOSIT") reasonably estimated by Lender in its sole discretion to be due for replacements and repairs required to be made to the Property during the calendar year (collectively, the "REPLACEMENTS"), which Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit shall be in an amount equal to no less than $0.15 per year per square foot of gross leasable area. Amounts so deposited shall hereinafter be referred to as Borrower's "REPLACEMENT RESERVE FUND" and the account in which such amounts are held shall hereinafter be referred to as Borrower's "REPLACEMENT RESERVE ACCOUNT". Lender may reassess its estimate of the amount necessary for the Replacement Reserve Fund from time to time, and may increase the monthly amounts required to be deposited into the Replacement Reserve Fund upon thirty (30) days notice to Borrower if Lender determines in its reasonable discretion that an increase is necessary to maintain the proper maintenance and operation of the Property. Any amount held in the Replacement Reserve Account and allocated for the Property shall be retained by Lender in an interest bearing account, or, at the option of Lender, in an Eligible Account at an Eligible Institution; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that, any interest earned on said account shall accrue in said account for the benefit of Borrower, but shall remain in and constitute part of the Replacement Reserve Fund, and shall be disbursed in accordance with the terms hereof. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 7.3, Borrower shall not be required to make Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposits, provided that: (i) no Event of Default shall have occurred; and (ii) Borrower makes all necessary Replacements and otherwise maintains the Property to Lender's satisfaction. Upon notice from Lender following: (a) an Event of Default; or (b) the failure of Borrower to make necessary Replacements or otherwise maintain the Property to Lender's satisfaction, Borrower shall begin to deposit the Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit into the Replacement Reserve Fund beginning on the Payment Date (as defined herein) immediately following the date of such notice.
Withdrawals From Escrow Account Withdrawals from the Escrow Account shall be made by the Seller only (a) to effect timely payments of ground rents, taxes, assessments, premiums for Primary Mortgage Insurance Policies, fire and hazard insurance premiums or other items constituting Escrow Payments for the related Mortgage, (b) to reimburse the Seller for any Servicing Advance made by Seller pursuant to Subsection 11.08 hereof with respect to a related Mortgage Loan, (c) to refund to any Mortgagor any funds found to be in excess of the amounts required under the terms of the related Mortgage Loan, (d) for transfer to the Custodial Account upon default of a Mortgagor or in accordance with the terms of the related Mortgage Loan and if permitted by applicable law, (e) for application to restore or repair of the Mortgaged Property, (f) to pay to the Mortgagor, to the extent required by law, any interest paid on the funds deposited in the Escrow Account, (g) to pay to itself any interest earned on funds deposited in the Escrow Account (and not required to be paid to the Mortgagor), (h) to the extent permitted under the terms of the related Mortgage Note and applicable law, to pay late fees with respect to any Monthly Payment which is received after the applicable grace period, (i) to withdraw suspense payments that are deposited into the Escrow Account, (j) to withdraw any amounts inadvertently deposited in the Escrow Account or (k) to clear and terminate the Escrow Account upon the termination of this Agreement.