FARE Sample Clauses

FARE. 2.1 The Fare that is to be Created pursuant to this Agreement (the "New Fare") will be a [Permanent/Temporary/Special]* Fare and will be settled through the RSP in accordance with the TSA.
FARE. Norman Public Transportation Services are currently fare-free. EMBARK will not collect fare revenue for Norman during the term of this Agreement. It is understood by both Parties that fare collection will require a written modification of this Agreement.
FARE. Breakfast fare shall include baked or pre-baked foods, cereals and hot foods such as oatmeal and scrambled eggs, as well as juice, coffee and espresso beverages. Lunch options will include regular and specialty sandwiches, salads and hot food products. At both breakfast and lunch, the offerings will include “display and select” items as well as “on the go” items previously prepared for quick self-service needs. The Cafeteria shall be designed and constructed to include a capacity for providing grilled food.
FARE. Fare setting for SmartTrack service will be combined with the broader Provincial GO Transit regional fare integration framework, and address the fare related requests from the City made in July 2016 per City staff report EX16.1, titled “Developing Toronto's Transit Network Plan to 2031.”
FARE. A. The fare is based on prices, Dutch taxes, exchange rates and fees as known by the travel agent when the fare was composed. The fee is per person.
FARE. The Fare is the amount stated in your Ticket.
FARE. 3.1 Based on availability the Fare estimate will be communicated electronically to you in advance and if acceptable Secure Express shall reserve that payment via its electronic payment system, and only upon completion of the Services, compute the final fare, release the fare payable from reserve to Secure Express.

Related to FARE

  • Fares A. Transportation on Carrier is subject to the fares, taxes and charges in effect on the date on which the Confirmed Reservation was made. If the reservation has been confirmed and e-ticket issued before an increase in the fare becomes effective, the reservation shall be honored for transportation as purchased. If the fare decreases after a Confirmed Reservation has been made and e-ticket issued, Carrier will not refund, credit or make any adjustment to the original fare.

  • Mileage Each employee who is authorized by an appointing authority to use their own vehicle pursuant to LAAC Sections 4.229 through 4.236, inclusive, shall be reimbursed for transportation expenses for all miles traveled for business purposes in any biweekly pay period in addition to any and all salaries and other compensation otherwise provided for by law. During the term of this MOU, the cents per mile reimbursement rate shall be adjusted to an amount equal to the annual standard car mileage allowance as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. The CAO shall certify to the City Controller appropriate changes, if required, to become effective the beginning of the pay period in which January 1 falls.

  • Meals Meals charged to the School District should represent mid-fare selections for the hotel/meeting facility or general area, consistent with the maximum allowable reimbursement amount set by the Board. Tips are included with meal charges. Expense forms must explain the meal charges incurred. Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.

  • Passengers THE CARRIER shall be liable for damages resulting from death or bodily injury to a Passenger by the sole reason that the act which caused the damages took place on board the aircraft or during boarding or deboarding the aircraft.

  • Trips Trip hours will be awarded weekly.

  • Coaches (a) Seat rotation: To ensure all passengers have the opportunity to enjoy front and window seats, a daily seat rotation system is employed on all of Our coaches and You must follow the seat rotation system.

  • Tickets Each Ticket represents a limited, revocable license to enter the Venue to attend the specific Event listed on the applicable Ticket. No person, except for attendees under the age of three, may enter the Venue without a Ticket, and re-entry is prohibited. Failure to comply with this Agreement shall result in forfeiture of this license and all rights arising hereunder without refund or credit and shall entitle KSE to pursue all legal remedies available.

  • Host A host where SSH server is activated. Note: The host name in the General tab should be set relatively to the SSH server which provided by your database hosting company. Port A port where SSH server is activated, by default it is 22. User Name

  • Workloads (a) The parties agree that patient care is enhanced if concerns relating to professional practice, patient acuity, fluctuating workloads and fluctuating staffing are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

  • Lodging Board members should request conference rate or mid-fare room accommodations. A single room rate will be reimbursed. Board members should pay personal expenses at checkout. If that is impossible, deductions for the charges should be made on the expense form.