EXAMINING COMMITTEE. The Audit Committee of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. shall be the Examining Committee of the Bank and shall have full and complete authority to act for and on behalf of this Bank in the exercise of the authority granted to it by the By-laws and the Board of Directors of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
EXAMINING COMMITTEE. The Examining Committee shall consist of at least three members, none of whom shall be an officer or salaried employee of the Bank or its subsidiaries or any other individual having a relationship which, in the opinion of the Board, would interfere with the exercise of independent judgement in carrying out the responsibilities of a director. At any regular meeting of the Board, any director who is otherwise eligible to serve on the Examining Committee may be elected to fill a vacancy that has occurred on the Examining Committee. The Board shall designate one member of the committee to serve as chairman of the committee. A quorum shall consist of at a majority of the voting members of the Human Resources Committee. The Examining Committee shall meet as necessary at the call of the Chairman or, in the absence of the Chairman, at the call of a majority of the members of the Examining Committee. The Examining Committee shall examine, or cause to be examined, the records and affairs of the Bank to determine its true financial condition, and shall present a report of examination to the Board at the Board's next regular meeting following the completion of the examination and the approval thereof by the Examining Committee and shall present a copy thereof to the Superintendent, all in conformity with the provisions of the Banking Law. The committee shall appoint, from its membership or otherwise, a secretary who shall cause to be kept written minutes of all meetings of the committee. The Examining Committee shall make, or cause to be made, such other examinations as it may deem advisable or whenever so directed by the Board and shall report thereon in writing at a regular meeting of the Board. The Examining Committee shall make recommendations to the Board in relation to the employment of accountants and independent auditors and arrange for such other assistance as it may deem necessary or desirable. The Examining Committee shall review and evaluate the procedures and performance of the Bank's internal auditing staff.
EXAMINING COMMITTEE. (1) After the positive assessment of the Assessment Committee and the referees, the thesis can be submitted to the Examining Committee at the Rijksuniversität Groningen and will be passed on to the Examining Committee at the University of Oldenburg.
EXAMINING COMMITTEE. The Board of Directors shall, by resolution adopted by a majority of the entire board, designate from among its members an Examining Committee consisting of not less than 3 directors to examine fully the books, papers and affairs of the Corporation, and the loans and discounts thereof, as provided by law. The Examining Committee shall have the power to employ such assistants as it may deem necessary to enable it to perform its duties.


Operating Committee the Consortium’s managing body, composed of representatives of the Manager and the Contractors, pursuant to Annex XI.
Nominating Committee The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of not fewer than three members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. A majority of members of the Nominating Committee shall not be officers of the Corporation. The Nominating Committee shall have and may exercise those rights, powers and authority of the Board of Directors as may from time to time be granted to it by the Board of Directors; provided, however, that in addition to any such rights, powers or authority, the Nominating Committee shall have the exclusive right to recommend candidates for election as directors to the Board of Directors.
Development Committee The PARTIES agree to work together in good faith in the collaboration under this Agreement and to keep each other reasonably informed of its activities hereunder. Additionally, and in support of the foregoing, promptly after the Effective Date, the PARTIES will form a four-member committee (the “Development Committee”), equally represented by EAGLE and SCIDOSE, for the management of the development of the PRODUCTS, which will consist of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of each of EAGLE and SCIDOSE. Each Party shall have the right, from time to time, to substitute new members, on a permanent or temporary basis, for any of its previously designated members of the Development Committee. Each Party shall bear its own costs associated with participation in the Development Committee.
Advisory Committee The Settling State shall designate an Opioid Settlement Remediation Advisory Committee (the “Advisory Committee”) to provide input and recommendations regarding remediation spending from that Settling State’s Abatement Accounts Fund. A Settling State may elect to use an existing advisory committee or similar entity (created outside of a State-Subdivision Agreement or Allocation Statute); provided, however, the Advisory Committee or similar entity shall meet the following requirements:
Evaluation Committee A The Association and the Board agree to establish a standing joint Evaluation Development Committee for the purpose of establishing the procedure and process, including the evaluation instrument, for the evaluation of teachers in the District and to regularly review the effectiveness of the procedure and process, including the evaluation instrument, for the evaluation of teachers in the District.
Steering Committee Within a reasonable period of time after the Effective Date, Orphan Medical and Celltech shall form a Steering Committee made up of commercial and technical employees from both companies that shall have certain decision-making authority, and provide oversight for the administration of this Agreement. Each party shall maintain two (2) members on the Steering Committee with other members added as needed. The parties shall each select one of its representatives to serve as a co-chairperson of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall have the authority to conduct the following activities and such other activities as may be agreed to in writing by the parties: (a) review ongoing regulatory issues, (b) review the medical aspects of standards of care in the Territory, (c) review clinical developments across territories, (d) review marketing campaigns and new marketing plans, (e) review sales activities and results, (f) review aspects of Product manufacturing campaigns and Product forecasts, consignment and non-consignment inventory stocks and ordering, and (g) review the arrangement for distributing Product on a Named Patient Basis. In the event and to the extent that the Steering Committee is unable to come to a consensus on any matter relating to the development or manufacture of the Product or the Registration, packaging, labeling, promoting, marketing, sale or distribution of the Product outside the Territory, the views of the Orphan Medical Steering Committee members shall prevail. In the event and to the extent that the Steering Committee is unable to come to a consensus on any matter relating to the Registration, packaging, labeling, promoting, marketing, sale or distribution of the Product within the Territory, the views of the Celltech Steering Committee members shall prevail. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event a particular matter for which there is no consensus of the Steering Committee could, in the good faith judgment of the party who does not have the ultimate decision making authority as to such matter (as provided in the previous two sentences), materially affect the rights or obligations under this Agreement of such party, Orphan Medical and Celltech agree to use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to resolve the matter in a manner which will minimize the impact on such rights or obligations of such party. During each Contract Year, the parties shall hold at least four (4) regular meetings of the Steering Committee. Members of the Steering Committee may participate in meetings of the Steering Committee in person or by conference telephone call. At least one (1) of the four (4) Steering Committee meetings shall be conducted in-person. Employees of each party who are not members of the Steering Committee may attend meetings of the Steering Committee as required. In-person Steering Committee meetings shall alternate between Orphan Medical's designated facility and a facility designated by Celltech. The co-chairpersons of the Steering Committee shall alternate responsibility for the preparation of minutes setting forth discussions made at each committee meeting, with the Orphan Medical Chairperson preparing minutes for the first Steering Committee meeting; provided, however, that such minutes shall not become official until agreed upon by both co-chairpersons.
Review Committee (a) The Parties shall establish a Review Committee comprising representatives of the State, the Government Parties and the PBC as follows:
Standing Committees The Board of Directors shall designate an audit committee and a compensation committee, each committee to consist of two or more directors to serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board may designate one or more directors as alternate members of any committee, who may replace any absent or disqualified member at any meeting of the committee. In the absence or disqualification of a member of a committee, the member or members thereof present at any meeting and not disqualified from voting, whether or not he or they constitute a quorum, may unanimously appoint another member of the board of directors to act at the meeting in the place of any such absent or disqualified member. The committees shall keep regular minutes of their proceedings and report the same to the Board when required
Consultative Committee 1. An EPA Consultative Committee is hereby established with the task of assisting the Committee of Senior Officials to promote dialogue and cooperation between representatives of the private sector, organisations of civil society, including the academic community, and social and economic partners. Such dialogue and cooperation shall include all matters covered under this Agreement as they arise in the context of the implementation of this Agreement.
The Joint Committee (a) shall be composed of representatives of the Governments of the Parties; and