Entitled Sample Clauses

Entitled. Agreement Permitting a Pedestrian Arcade, For An Arcade Easement, And For Construction and Maintenance of Arcade Dated: December 29, 1981 Executed by: The City of Santa Clara, a municipal corporation, Gould Inc., Instrument Division, Biomation Operation and Melchor Investment Company Recorded: January 12, 1982, in Book G549, Page 569, Instrument No. 7257362, Official Records Note: Easement created in said instrument has been terminated by grant deed recorded March 31, 1986, in Book J643, Page 1304, Instrument No. 8733471, Official Records
Entitled. The Landlord confirms to The Agent that he is entitled to enter into this Agreement to let The Property and that he has obtained all necessary consents and that he is entitled to all revenue collected on The Property.

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  • Prevailing Party If any litigation or other court action, arbitration or similar adjudicatory proceeding is commenced by any Party to enforce its rights under this Agreement against any other Party, all fees, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys fees and court costs, incurred by the prevailing Party in such litigation, action, arbitration or proceeding shall be reimbursed by the losing Party; provided, that if a Party to such litigation, action, arbitration or proceeding prevails in part, and loses in part, the court, arbitrator or other adjudicator presiding over such litigation, action, arbitration or proceeding shall award a reimbursement of the fees, costs and expenses incurred by such Party on an equitable basis.

  • Right to Participate The indemnified party agrees to afford the indemnifying party and its counsel the opportunity to be present at, and to participate in, conferences with all persons, including Governmental Authorities, asserting any Indemnity Claim against the indemnified party or conferences with representatives of or counsel for such persons.

  • Attorney Fees In any action or proceeding to enforce or interpret any provision of this Contract, or where any provision hereof is validly asserted as a defense, each Party shall bear its own attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.

  • Compensation The Advisor shall compensate the Sub-Advisor on the following basis for the services to be furnished hereunder.