Ending Sample Clauses

Ending. (i) no earlier than six weeks after the actual birth date, unless the employee requests a shorter period; and
Ending. 10.1 TransGlobe may end this Agreement and Xxxxxxx’x employment at any time for just cause, without any notice and without any liability to TransGlobe.
Ending. (1) No earlier than six (6) weeks after the actual birth date, or termination of a pregnancy, unless the employee requests a shorter period, and
Ending. Microsoft may end this Master Source Code Agreement or any License Form in its sole discretion. Microsoft may terminate this Master Source Code Agreement pursuant to Section 10 of this Master Source Code Agreement. If Microsoft ends this Master Source Code Agreement, all License Forms end too. If Microsoft only ends a particular License Form, this Master Source Code Agreement and other License Forms, if any, are not affected. If Microsoft terminates a License Form without cause, Microsoft will refund a pro rata portion of the license fee paid by You for that license, if any, after You have complied with the terms of the Master Agreement. The refund will be based on the number of days left in the term of the license from the date of termination.
Ending. In the normal course of events you will probably know when you are ready to finish. It is usually important to allow one or more sessions to bring things to a proper conclusion, and we can agree how many feel appropriate. There may be times during our work together when you find yourself reluctant to attend your session. If this happens, it is likely that we are at an important part of the work, or we need to talk about how we are working together, so it is important that you still come to your session to allow us to look at this together. So if you are finding our work together is feeling difficult at any point, I would ask you to talk to me about this rather than suddenly ending, as this could well deprive us of the chance of resolving important issues. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx MA MSc, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor
Ending. The Investor Partiesright to acquire Shares described in the remainder of this clause 3 will automatically end upon the earlier of:
Ending. To the extent that either party to this Agreement shall be wholly or partially prevented from the performance of any obligation or duty placed on such party by reason of or through strikes, stoppage of labor, riot, fire, flood, acts of war, insurrection, accident, order of any court, act of God, or specific cause reasonably beyond the party's control and not attributable to its neglect or nonfeasance, in such event, the time for the performance of such obligation or duty shall be suspended until such disability to perform is removed. Determination of force majeure shall rest solely with H-GAC.
Ending. 19.1 This contract can only be changed or expanded in writing. If something is missing or any party wants to expand the contract we have to talk to our landlord. We only can change or expand the contract, if the landlord agrees with us.
Ending. 8.1 School’s default The Provider may end this Agreement if the School breaches any of its obligations under this Agreement. If the breach is capable of remedy the Provider must first give the School 30 days to remedy the breach after it asks it to do so.