Eastern Segment Sample Clauses

Eastern Segment. The DEVELOPER shall be responsible for designing, permitting and, together with the WCL LANDOWNERS, dedicating all necessary right of way and easements for S.R. 56 from Meadow Pointe Boulevard to the eastern boundary of the Project as a four (4) lane divided rural cross section roadway (unless otherwise approved by FDOT and the COUNTY) with a wide median (at least 74 feet wide, unless otherwise approved by FDOT and the COUNTY) to allow the addition of two (2) interior lanes after four
Eastern Segment. The County acknowledges and agrees that the County has the right, pursuant to certain pre-existing development agreements (including the WCL Development Agreement), zoning conditions, and/or development of regional impact conditions, to require the WCL Developer to dedicate land for the right-of-way and associated drainage, wetland mitigation and flood plain compensation improvements associated with the WCL S.R. 56 Eastern Segment. As such, the County shall, in good faith, utilize and pursue its rights under such pre-existing conditions and agreements and/or its other rights and powers to obtain the necessary dedications and donations, exercising its condemning authority if necessary, to enable the Developer to complete the WCL S.R. 56 Eastern Segment at the time intended by the terms of this Agreement. The Developer shall cooperate in good faith with the County's efforts in that regard. In the event the County is not able to timely obtain such required right-of-way and/or easement dedications and donations, Developer’s sole remedies shall be the extension of its required time frames and/or the elimination of Developer’s obligations to design and construct the Eastern Segment, both as provided in Paragraph 6.c. above.
Eastern Segment. If the WCL Developer completes the construction of the WCL S.R. 56 Eastern Segment by June 30, 2015, as required by the WCL Development Agreement, then the Developer shall complete the construction of the Wyndfields S.R. 56 Western Segment by December 31, 2015.
Eastern Segment. The Developer has satisfied its obligation to commence and complete the FDOT Reevaluation Study for that portion of the Required Improvements comprised of the S.R. 56 Extension from Meadow Pointe Boulevard to the eastern boundary of the Project (the “Eastern Segment”) pursuant to that “PD&E Agreement For G.L.

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  • Monday morning (2) The employee should not work more than 16 hours without an 8 hour break.

  • Eastern Time 1.3. The Fund agrees to make shares of the Designated Portfolios available indefinitely for purchase at the applicable net asset value per share by Participating Insurance Companies and their separate accounts on those days on which the Fund calculates its Designated Portfolio net asset value pursuant to rules of the SEC and the Fund shall use reasonable efforts to calculate such net asset value on each day the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading; provided, however, that the Board of Trustees of the Fund (the "Fund Board") may refuse to sell shares of any Portfolio to any person, or suspend or terminate the offering of shares of any Portfolio if such action is required by law or by regulatory authorities having jurisdiction or is, in the sole discretion of the Fund Board, acting in good faith and in light of its fiduciary duties under federal and any applicable state laws, necessary in the best interests of the shareholders of such Portfolio.

  • Commercial Operation Date (COD) Bus Terminal and Commercial Complex shall be deemed to be complete when the Completion Certificate or the Provisional Certificate, as the case may be, is issued under the provisions of Article 14, and accordingly the commercial operation date of the Project shall be the date on which such Completion Certificate or the Provisional Certificate is issued (the “COD”). The Bus Terminal and Commercial Complex shall enter into commercial service on COD whereupon the Concessionaire shall be entitled to demand and collect Fee in accordance with provisions of Article 27 and that the entry of Bus Terminal or part thereof into commercial service shall always be subject to compliance with the provisions of Clause 18.3 and Clause 26.2.

  • Central Time After all Parties have been notified, the provisions of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this Section 2.1 shall apply." All other terms and provisions of the Agreement not amended herein shall remain in full force and effect. Effective date: March 18, 2008 AIM VARIABLE INSURANCE FUNDS Attest: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx ----------------------------- ------------------------------------ Name: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Title: Assistant Secretary Title: Assistant Vice President A I M DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Attest: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx By: /s/ Xxxx X. Xxxxxx ----------------------------- ------------------------------------ Name: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Name: Xxxx X. Xxxxxx Title: Assistant Secretary Title: President GENWORTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK Attest: /s/ Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx ----------------------------- ------------------------------------ Name: Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx Name: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Title: Assistant Secretary Title: Vice President and Associate General Counsel CAPITAL BROKERAGE CORPORATION

  • Afternoon Shift If a second shift is employed, the hours of work shall be seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours of work between the hours of 4:30 P.M. and 12:30 A.M. for which eight (8) hours will be paid and a shift premium of sixty-one cents (61¢) shall be added on to the classified hourly rate.

  • Service Commencement Date The Participating Consumers’ first meter read dates for the month of November 2017.

  • Response Time PROVIDING PARTY shall respond to and resolve any problems in connection with the Corporate Services for RECEIVING PARTY within a commercially reasonable period of time, using response and proposed resolution times consistent with its response and resolution of such problems for itself.

  • Interconnection Service Interconnection Service allows the Interconnection Customer to connect the Large Generating Facility to the Participating TO’s Transmission System and be eligible to deliver the Large Generating Facility’s output using the available capacity of the CAISO Controlled Grid. To the extent the Interconnection Customer wants to receive Interconnection Service, the Participating TO shall construct facilities identified in Appendices A and C that the Participating TO is responsible to construct. Interconnection Service does not necessarily provide the Interconnection Customer with the capability to physically deliver the output of its Large Generating Facility to any particular load on the CAISO Controlled Grid without incurring congestion costs. In the event of transmission constraints on the CAISO Controlled Grid, the Interconnection Customer's Large Generating Facility shall be subject to the applicable congestion management procedures in the CAISO Tariff in the same manner as all other resources.

  • Monday CASE II An employee should not work more than 16 hours and must take an 8 hour break before continuing work. Therefore, an employee called in at 7:00 p.m. Sunday could work until 11:00

  • Commercial Operation The interconnection customer shall not operate the Small Generator Facility, except for interim testing as provided in 2.1, until such time as the Certificate of Completion is signed by all Parties.