Dwellings Sample Clauses

Dwellings. No portion of the proceeds of the Loan shall be used by Borrower to finance the purchase or construction of real property containing four (4) or fewer residential units or on which four (4) or fewer residential units are to be constructed. No portion of the Property is or will be a “dwelling” within the meaning of Section 10240.1 or Section 10240.2 of the California Business and Professions Code.
Dwellings or detached private structures while being moved or transported;
Dwellings. The Seller will provide all accommodation or dwellings required for the construction and operation phases. Dwellings are not permitted within the National Park.
Dwellings. 3.1 The parties agree that the Benchmark Rent Levels shall be increased in accordance with the following:
Dwellings high density residential and commercial buildings eligible for automated collection will be assigned automated collection carts. Allocation of carts is to be distributed as per Schedule “D”.
Dwellings. No owner may construct more than one dwelling on a lot, except that one additional ancillary dwelling of 1,000 square feet may be constructed in accordance with the Zon- ing laws.Dwelling is defined in the WCE Covenants as a “farm dwelling” as defined by the Zon- ing Laws, and is a single-family dwelling located on and used in conjunction with a farm or where agricultural activity provides income to the family occupying the dwelling.
Dwellings shall be located above ground floor.
Dwellings. Dwellings and residences of any kind, including motels and trailer parks, also schools, hospitals, clinics and other institutions of human care, except where they are incidental to a permitted principal use; provided, that any of the aforesaid uses legally existing in the F district on April 26, 1968, or at the time of adoption of any amendment thereto, shall not be classified as a nonconforming use.
Dwellings. The Census will cover all dwellings in the country, intended for habitation, regardless of whether they are used for a permanent or temporary living (for vacation and recreation, seasonal activities) or vacant dwellings. The Census will also cover other inhabited premises or buildings that are not intended for habitation but at the time of the Census are used for living. It will also cover inhabited business premises, improvised living quarters or collective living quarters. Dwellings not covered with the Census• Dwellings of the diplomatic and consular foreign country representatives and dwellings owned by other countries; • Vacant dwellings that are under-construction; • Buildings in the villages that are used fully for storage of agricultural work tools and appliances, agricultural products, heating material and similar, or they are used for processing of agricultural products; Reminder!Once you have finished your enumeration, go through your area, check if all the dwelling units have been covered. In urban areas, check for rooms behind the main entrance, servants quarters.
Dwellings. It is expressly understood and agreed that no dwelling or domicile may be built, moved to or established on or within the Leased Premises nor may lessee, its tenants, employees, invitees, or guests be permitted to reside or remain as a resident on or within the Leased Premises or other Airport premises. . Lessee may have a pilot lounge, including restroom and shower facilities for use by flight crew and passengers.