Condominium Sample Clauses

Condominium. This Lease and all rights of Tenant hereunder are and shall be subject and subordinate in all respects to any condominium declaration and any other documents (collectively, the “Declaration”) which are or shall be recorded in order to convert the Land and the improvements erected thereon to a condominium form of ownership in accordance with the provisions of Article 9-B of the Real Property Law, or any successor thereto, provided the Declaration does not include other terms which increase Tenant’s obligations (in any material respect) or decrease Tenant’s rights (in any material respect). If any such Declaration is to be recorded, Tenant, upon the request of Landlord, shall enter into an amendment of this Lease confirming such subordination and modifying the Lease in such respects as shall be necessary to conform to such condominiumization, including, without limitation, appropriate adjustments to Tenant’s Tax Share and Tenant’s Operating Share and appropriate reductions in the Operating Expenses for the Base Operating Year and the Base Tax Amount; provided, that, such amendment shall not reduce Tenant’s rights or increase Tenant’s obligations under this Lease (in either case in any material respect) or increase Tenant’s monetary obligations under the Lease.
Condominium. Propco Mortgage Borrower is a party (either directly, or as a successor-in-interest) to the Condominium Documents and the Condominium Documents are in full force and effect and have not been amended or modified and Propco Mortgage Borrower’s interest therein has not been assigned pursuant to any assignment that has not otherwise been disclosed to Lender as of the date hereof. There are no set-offs, claims, counterclaims or defenses being asserted or, after giving the requisite notice, if any, required under the Condominium Documents, capable of being asserted, for the enforcement of the obligations of any party under the Condominium Documents. No party to any Condominium Document has the right to file a Lien for amounts due under the provisions of such Condominium Document which, if unpaid, may be asserted as a Lien prior to the Lien of the Mortgage. All common charges and other sums due from Propco Mortgage Borrower, if any, under the Condominium Documents have been paid to the extent they are payable on or prior to the date hereof.
Condominium. The Property is a unit of a condominium that is primarily run by a unit owners’ association. Section 3407 of the Uniform Condominium Act of Pennsylvania requires Seller to furnish Buyer with a Certificate of Resale and copies of the condominium declaration (other than plats and plans), the bylaws and the rules and regulations of the association. PLANNED COMMUNITY (HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION). The Property is part of a planned community as defined by the Uniform Planned Community Act. Section 5407(a) of the Act requires Seller to furnish Buyer with a copy of the declaration (other than plats and plans), the bylaws, the rules and regulations of the association, and a Certificate containing the provisions set forth in Section 5407(a) of the Act.
Condominium. (a) All of the Condominium Documents are in full force and effect, unmodified by any writing or otherwise.
Condominium individual ownership of a dwelling unit (not including land) in a multi-unit structure.
Condominium. Condominium" means an estate in real property, as defined in California Civil Code Section 783, consisting of an undivided interest in common in the Common Area, together with a separate fee interest in a Unit and any other separate interests in the real property as are described in this Declaration, in the Condominium Plan, or in the deed conveying the Condominium.
Condominium. If, at any time and from time to time during the Loan, the insurance policies maintained by the Condominium Association on the Common Elements do not fully comply with the requirements set forth in this Section 5.1 or are not otherwise acceptable to Lender in its sole discretion, then Borrowers shall promptly notify Lender in writing and Borrowers shall promptly, at their sole cost and expense, either procure and maintain or cause the Condominium Association to procure and maintain either (x) “primary” insurance coverage in the event that the Condominium Association does not provide the applicable insurance coverage required in this Section 5.1 or (y) “excess and contingent” insurance coverage over and above any other valid and collectible coverage then in existence, in the event that the Condominium Association does not have the sufficient insurance coverage required under Section 5.1, as shall be necessary to bring such insurance coverage into full compliance with all of the terms and conditions of this Section 5.1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, it shall not be deemed an Event of Default (and Borrowers shall not be required to maintain the insurance coverage specified in clauses (x) or (y) above) in the event the insurance policies maintained by the Condominium Association on the Common Elements do not fully comply with the requirements set forth in this Section 5.1 so long as Lender determines that such insurance is acceptable notwithstanding such failure in its sole and absolute discretion.
Condominium. To the extent that a Public Garage is located on the same Project Parcel as one or more of the Buildings comprising the Private Improvements, and either such Project Parcel is not capable of being subdivided to locate such Project Garage on a separate legal lot or the Redeveloper determines not to pursue subdivision of the Project Parcel, the Redeveloper shall create a Condominium on such Project Parcel in accordance with CIOA, pursuant to which the Public Garage shall constitute a separate condominium unit. Redeveloper shall prepare a draft of the Condominium Documents for any such Project Parcel for submission to and approval by the City’s Finance Director (after consultation with the City’s Corporation Counsel or outside counsel) within six (6) months following the date on which the Redeveloper is issued a building permit for the Parking Garage to be constructed on such Project Parcel, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. The Condominium Documents for the applicable Condominium shall be consistent with the terms set forth on Exhibit EE with respect thereto or such other terms as are agreed to by the Redeveloper and the City’s Finance Director, after consultation with the City’s Corporation Counsel or outside counsel. The Parties shall cooperate with one another to make such changes to any such draft Condominium Documents as may be necessary or desirable based on the final design and construction of the Improvements located or to be located on such Project Parcel, the reasonable requirements of lenders making loans on individual units within the Condominium (including any secondary mortgage market requirements). Finalization and recording of the Condominium Declaration (and finalization of the remaining Condominium Documents) shall be a condition precedent to the Redeveloper’s obligation to complete and convey the applicable Public Garage to the City and the City’s obligation to deliver payment for such Public Garage. Nothing herein shall restrict the Redeveloper’s ability to create more than one common interest community (as defined in CIOA) on any Project Parcel (including the use of one or more sub-common interest communities with respect to one or more units located in any underlying master common interest community).