DIGITAL Sample Clauses

DIGITAL. Digital media may be planned and purchased either as individual activity or as part of a wider initiative. At all times the Contractor will provide proposals to ensure brand safety as detailed at paragraphs 10 to 13 above, on behalf of the Framework Public Body, applying all available techniques to avoid objectionable, inappropriate or non-compatible content. The Contractor is entrusted as brand custodian and must at all times appraise and advise the Framework Public Body of any escalation of risk, resulting from elements within the Framework Public Body’s brief or requirements. The Contractor must not increase the exposure to risk of the Framework Public Body without fully outlining the risk and discussing alternatives.
DIGITAL. WALLET – A digital wallet is a mobile device application that allows you to make a payment with your Debit Card by waving your mobile device near a payment terminal, without needing to insert the Debit Card in the payment terminal, and without necessarily having to enter a Password or any other Proof of Identity. You may only use digital wallets that have been approved by us, and we may, in our discretion, withdraw that approval. Digital wallets may be used at participating merchants, for payments up to a maximum amount determined by us, the merchant, or the digital wallet provider. Your use of a digital wallet is governed by your agreement with the digital wallet service provider. The digital wallet service provider is responsible for the performance of the digital wallet. We are not responsible for any problems experienced with the digital wallet. The collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is governed by our privacy policies. In addition, you agree that we may collect, use and disclose personal information about you, including information related to your Account(s) and use of a digital wallet, in order to verify your identity and to facilitate your use of a digital wallet. You understand that use and disclosure of your personal information by Third Parties may be governed by additional privacy policies in force between you and Third Parties, such as a digital wallet service provider. You are solely responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all additional privacy policies. To help protect you and us from error and criminal activities, we and a digital wallet service provider may share information reasonably required for such purposes as fraud detection and prevention (for example, informing a digital wallet service provider if you notify us of a lost or stolen device). You understand and agree that we may aggregate and anonymize information relating to your spending and Transactions for analysis purposes and may share that anonymized information with digital wallet service providers. You agree to receive communications from us, including emails to the email address or text message to the mobile number you have provided in connection with your Account. These communications will relate to your use of your Debit Card in a digital wallet. You agree to update your contact information when it changes by contacting us. You may also contact us if you wish to withdraw your consent to receive these communications but doing s...
DIGITAL. Use technology to your company’s advantage and align your digital marketing efforts: promote new products, access top-notch email leads, highlight your company in one of our pre-show emails, or add a tile ad to our website where 95% of all attendees visit before the show. It’s all about gaining attendee awareness, and we offer the digital platforms for it. Link $250 Link to your company’s website in the online supplier list. Links will be in effect at least two months prior to the show and for up to one month after the show. Video Link $250 Link your company’s latest product video in the online supplier list. When you provide a link from YouTube, a thumbnail will automatically be generated for the link. Web Product Spotlight $350 Place your new product information, photo, company logo, and a 100-word description on the show website, with priority placement. Superlink $450 An electronic listing of your company name, booth number, and link to your website on four or more emails sent to prospective and preregistered attendees. Includes Link. Email Product Spotlight $750 Join a small group of exhibiting companies, honed by related area or product, in a shared email sent to a targeted group of attendees prior to the event. Email metrics will be provided. Online Tile Ad $2500 Animated tile ad featured on the Home, Resource Hall, and Registration pages of the event website. More than 95% of attendees visit the site to register for the show. Send an Email Feature your headline, marketing message, logo, and image in a content-rich, exclusive pre-show email broadcast to a targeted list of engineering, R&D, operations, sourcing, and project management titles. Email metrics will be provided. Attendee Outreach Email Sponsorship Tile ad including logo, booth number, and link to your website prominently displayed on every email sent to thousands of prospective and preregistered attendees. The comprehensive email campaign begins three months prior to the show. Registration Barcode Tile ad including logo, booth number, and link to your website featured at the top of all electronic registration confirmations sent to attendees. Barcode emails must be presented for admission to the show.
DIGITAL. CAMERAS ABT shall provide the dealer for their use, a Digital Camera. In the event Dealer shall cancel this subscription before the sixth (6th) month anniversary and only in such event, Dealer shall promptly pay ABT the sum of [*] in exchange for such camera. ABT will not accept a return of the camera in lieu of such payment unless the camera is returned unused, with its original packaging intact.
DIGITAL. TWIN SYSTEM‌ A digital twin system is a system-of-systems that implements a digital twin.
DIGITAL. PHOTOS of the Engine accessories including Engine data plate prior to covering, and photos of the Engine in bagged condition (Refer to * EOL check list Exhibit E.5). * The confidential portion has been omitted pursuant to a request for confidential treatment filed by Air T, Inc. with the Securities Exchange Commission and filed separately with the Commission.
DIGITAL. DIGITAL – XXXXX STREET PARTNERSHIP, L.P., a Texas limited partnership By: DRT – Xxxxx Street, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, its general partner By: Digital Realty Trust, L.P., a Maryland limited partnership, its member and manager By: Digital Realty Trust, Inc., a Maryland corporation, its general partner By: Name: Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Xx. Title: Vice President Date: TELX: TELX – DALLAS, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company By The Telx Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation, its sole member By: Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: Chief Executive Officer Date: SCHEDULE 1 EXISTING OCCUPANCY AGREEMENTS Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx 0000 EXHIBIT “H” DATACENTER RULES AND REGULATIONS Datacenter Rules and Regulations OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 11102: DATACENTER™ RULES & REGULATIONS 1 THE PURPOSE OF THESE STANDARDS 1 DEFINITION OF MISSION CRITICAL AREAS 1 UNPLANNED OUTAGES: INNOCENT ACTIVITIES/SERIOUS PROBLEMS 1 GENERAL RULES 2 ACCESS POLICY 2 Access for Employees 3 Vendors/Contracts Access 3 Emergency Access 3 Security 3 Smoke, Odor, Dusty Work Including Heat Guns 4 Removing Raised Floor Tiles 4 Removing Ceiling Tiles 5 Perform Any Work Under The Raised Flooring 6 Hammer Drilling 6 CABLE INSTALLATIONS 6 Communications cables LABELING STANDARD 6 ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION 7 FIRE ALARM/SUPRESSION SYSTEMS 8 Fire Suppression Systems 8 Fire Detection Systems 8 HVAC STANDARDS 8 CABINET//CAGE ACCESS & SIGNAGE STANDARDS 8 DELIVERIES 9 Work Scheduling and Preparation 9 GENERAL Safety Practices 11 EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION 11 Connection & Addition Of Material 11 HOUSEKEEPING 11 TRASH REMOVAL 12 EMERGENCY POWER-OFF (EPO) 12 APPROVED LABELING AND BINDING MATERIALS 12 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE SECTION 11102: DATACENTER RULES & REGULATIONS
DIGITAL a. DIGITAL will become an authorized reseller for GC Products.
DIGITAL. Valassis will provide digital services, directly or through its suppliers and affiliates, independently or in conjunction with a specially paired shared mail or shared distribution Program (“Digital Add-On Program”). The Digital Add-On Program will be supplied in accordance with the applicable service description and specifications for the period and at the rates or other charges applicable and may be disseminated at the same time and similar geography as the paired shared mail or shared distribution Program (if applicable).
DIGITAL to trigger the Temporary Protection Directive giving rights to a residence permit for at least one year, access to the labour market and housing, medical assistance, and access to education for children to the people fieeing the Russian aggression. As of 15 June, more than 7 million people arrived to the EU from Ukraine and Moldova & around 7 million are internally displaced in the country. short-term financial needs the Commission has proposed granting an additional exceptional macro- financial assistance in the form of loans of up to €9 billion in 2022. People fieeing the war in Ukraine can receive temporary protection in any EU country, including residence permits, access to the labour market and housing and medical assistance. In 2022, the EU has provided over €700 million of humanitarian aid Green Transition. SUPPORT FOR RECONSTRUCTION • The EU has also allocated €25 million to support e-governance, cybersecurity and implementation of Ukraine’s telecommunications obligations in the DCFTA in order to mutually benefit from internal market treatment. and in-kind assistance through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism consisting of over 38,000 tonnes of aid. Since the beginning of the war, the EU has stepped up its immediate support to strengthen Ukraine’s cyber resilience with p u t s a L €10million for equipment, software and other related A major global financial effort will be required to rebuild Ukraine after the widespread destruction caused by Russia’s invasion. An international coordination platform, the ‘Ukraine reconstruction platform’, co-led by the Commission and by the Ukrainian government, has been announced. The platform would be responsible for endorsing a reconstruction plan, drawn up by Ukraine, with administrative capacity support and technical assistance by the EU. The Commission has proposed to set up the ‘RebuildUkraine’ Facility as the main legal instrument for the EU’s support, using a mix of grants and loans. support. A further €15 million has been provided to support resilient digital 0 2 / 6 0 : d e t a d transformation. European Commission: xx.xxxxxx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxx l