Xxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxx. (1) The Company and each of its subsidiaries have been duly organized and are validly existing and in good standing under the laws of their respective jurisdictions of organization and have all power and authority necessary to own or hold their respective properties and to conduct the businesses in which they are engaged, except where the failure to be in good standing or have such power or authority would not, individually or in the aggregate, have a Material Adverse Effect.
Xxxxxx. At least 7_ days prior to the date scheduled for Your event (the “Inventory Date”), You will provide Us a final written inventory of all Rented Items You require (the “Inventory”), which Inventory will neither (a) reflect a reduction of more than 10% from the Estimate, nor (b) exceed the Estimate, unless otherwise agreed by Us (in Our sole discretion). If We have not received the Inventory as of 5:00 p.m. local time on the Inventory Date, the amount(s) of Rented Items reflected in the Estimate will be deemed final. We will invoice You for _50_% of the anticipated Rent and other charges due hereunder on the Inventory Date.
Xxxxxx. A. Estimated charges are based on the preliminary counts specified on the Reservation Form. This number is the Client’s best estimate at the time of booking.
Xxxxxx. Client agrees that Bank’s cash processing agent’s count of Secured Funds is final and conclusive. Bank is not liable for any shortage due to any counterfeit or contraband, whether discovered upon delivery to Bank or any time after delivery. In no event is Client entitled to any amount in excess of the correct balance of Client’s deposit, whether the error was caused by improper commingling of funds, inaccurate counts, clerical error or otherwise.
Xxxxxx. Xxxxxx Environmental’s crews offer a wide range of environmental construction history, including some of the oldest license numbers in the region. Most Xxxxxx technicians have more than 10 years of asbestos, mold, and lead experience. Outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE With Xxxxxx Environmental, you can be confident that we’ll listen to your concerns, respond quickly to your requests, remain true to our word, and solve your problems with integrity and honesty. EMR Ratings OSHA TIRIR
Xxxxxx. Following the commencement of producing operations, the Operator will perform Counts from time to time at reasonable intervals and shall at least once in every 12 month period reconcile each item of the inventory with the Joint Account and provide each Participating Party with a statement listing the overages and shortages. The Operator may not be held accountable for any shortages of inventory except such shortages as may have arisen due to lack of reasonable diligence on the part of the Operator.

Related to Xxxxxx

  • Eye Examinations For all covered employees required to use VDTs on average at least two (2) hours per day, MUNI will provide a base line eye examination at the Occupational Safety and Health facility ("OSH"), followed by an eye examination at OSH every two years.

  • Examinations Except as set forth on Schedule 3.12(c), the Company has not received any notice that any Employee Benefit Plan is currently the subject of an audit, investigation, enforcement action or other similar proceeding conducted by any state or federal agency.

  • Tests For determining that the Bus Terminal conforms to the Maintenance Requirements, the Independent Engineer shall require the Concessionaire to carry out, or cause to be carried out, tests specified by it in accordance with Good Industry Practice. The Concessionaire shall, with due diligence, carry out or cause to be carried out all such tests in accordance with the instructions of the Independent Engineer and furnish the results of such tests forthwith to the Independent Engineer. One half of the costs incurred on such tests, and to the extent certified by the Independent Engineer as reasonable, shall be reimbursed by the Authority to the Concessionaire.

  • Inspections The Company shall inspect the Mortgaged Property as often as deemed necessary by the Company to assure itself that the value of the Mortgaged Property is being preserved. In addition, if any Mortgage Loan is more than 60 days delinquent, the Company immediately shall inspect the Mortgaged Property and shall conduct subsequent inspections in accordance with Accepted Servicing Practices or as may be required by the primary mortgage guaranty insurer. The Company shall keep a written report of each such inspection.

  • Physical Examinations Where the Employer requires an employee to take a physical examination, doctor's fees for such examination shall be paid by the Employer. Except prior to commencement of employment and the first four (4) weeks of employment, such examinations shall be taken during the employee's working hours without loss of pay to the employee.

  • Field Examinations At any time that the Security Agents reasonably request, Holdings, the Borrower and the Subsidiaries will permit upon reasonable notice the Security Agents to conduct field examinations or updates thereof during normal business hours to ensure the adequacy of Collateral included in the Borrowing Base and related reporting and control systems; provided, however, (a) only reasonable costs of two such field examination per calendar year shall be at the sole expense of the Credit Parties and (b) reasonable costs of three such field examinations per calendar year shall be at the sole expense of the Credit Parties if a Weekly Reporting Period has occurred during such calendar year; provided further, however, if an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing during any calendar year there shall be no limitation as to the number and frequency of such field examinations during such calendar year at the sole expense of the Credit Parties. For purposes of this Section 9.17, it is understood and agreed that a single field examination may consist of examinations conducted at multiple relevant sites and involve one or more relevant Credit Parties and their assets.

  • Medical Verification The County may require a physician's certification of the nature and duration of an employee's disability or absences from work for absences exceeding three (3) days, of an employee's ability to return to work, and/or of an employee's ability to continue the full performance of his or her duties.

  • Third Party Verification 4.8.1 The SPD shall be further required to provide entry to the site of the Power Project free of all encumbrances at all times during the Term of the Agreement to SECI and a third Party nominated by any Indian Governmental Instrumentality for inspection and verification of the works being carried out by the SPD at the site of the Power Project.

  • Annual Collateral Verification Each year, at the time of delivery of annual financial statements with respect to the preceding Fiscal Year pursuant to Section 5.1(b), Borrower shall deliver to Collateral Agent a certificate of an Authorized Officer (i) either confirming that there has been no change in the information required by the Collateral Questionnaire since the date of the most recently delivered Collateral Questionnaire or the date of the most recent certificate delivered pursuant to this Section and/or identifying such changes and (ii) certifying that all Uniform Commercial Code and PPSA financing statements (including fixtures filings, as applicable) and all supplemental Intellectual Property Security Agreements or other appropriate filings, recordings or registrations, have been filed or recorded in each governmental, municipal or other appropriate office in each jurisdiction identified in the Collateral Questionnaire or pursuant to clause (i) above to the extent necessary to effect, protect and perfect the security interests under the Collateral Documents for a period of not less than 18 months after the date of such certificate (except as noted therein with respect to any continuation statements to be filed within such period);

  • Physical Exams The Employer agrees to provide without cost to employees, physical examinations and/or other appropriate tests when such tests are deemed necessary by management to determine whether the health of employees is being or has been adversely affected by exposure to potentially harmful physical agents, toxic materials, or infectious agents, or by attacks and assaults. The Employer agrees to provide to each affected employee who requests it a complete and accurate written report of any such medical examination or other appropriate tests related to occupational exposure. Additionally, written results of an industrial hygiene measurements or investigations related to an employee's occupational exposure will also be provided, upon request, to the employee or the employee's authorized representative. The Union and/or members of the applicable Health and Safety Committee will be provided copies of summary reports, but such reports will not contain personally identifying information.