Verifications Sample Clauses

Verifications. If Partner acquires Red Hat Products and/or Services directly from Red Hat, during the Term and for at least two (2) years thereafter, Partner will keep and maintain commercially reasonable written records regarding Partner’s use and distribution of the Red Hat Products and Services and business activities related to the Program(s) ("Records"). Red Hat may, at its own expense, verify the Records to determine Partner’s compliance with this Agreement. This verification may take the form of requests for information, documents or records (to which Partner will respond promptly), on-site visits (for which Partner shall grant Red Hat the requisite access), or both. The Parties will act reasonably and cooperate with each other in respect of such verifications. Any on-site visit will occur during regular business hours and will not interfere unreasonably with Partner’s business. For an on-site visit, Red Hat will give Partner at least thirty (30) day’s prior written notice.
Verifications. Confirmation of the request will be automatically emailed to the email address set up by the Primary Administrator for each of the subordinate users.
Verifications. 1. In order to maintain confidence in the effective implementation of the provisions of this Chapter and within its scope, each Party has the right to:
Verifications. 1. In order to obtain or maintain confidence in the effective implementation of this Chapter, the importing Party has the right to carry out verifications, including:
Verifications. MC shall maintain frequent contact with the loan applicant to collect verifications of employment (VOE), income (VOI), assets, and debt, including mortgage debt (VOM). MC shall update the processing system, the Website database and the loan application data with the status of all verifications;
Verifications. Bank shall have the right and authority to re-verify all information obtained by Seller regarding any Borrower, including verification of employment, verification of deposit and all information included in each related Loan Application. Seller shall cooperate with Bank in such re-verification process. Further, Bank shall have full right and authority to obtain an updated credit report on any Borrower. In such verification process, Seller shall, upon the request of Bank, supply a copy of Borrower’s handwritten, typed or signed Loan Application.
Verifications. The Secured Party or its designee is authorized to contact Account Debtors and other Persons obligated on any such Collateral from time to time to verify the existence, amount and/or terms of such Collateral.
Verifications. 1. In order to maintain confidence in the effective implementation of the provisions of this Chapter, each Party, within the scope of this Chapter, shall have the right to: (a) carry out, in accordance with the Guidelines set out under Appendix 3 of Annex VI (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures), verification of all or part of the control system of the authorities of another Party; the expenses of such verification shall be borne by the Party carrying out the verification; and (b) receive information from the other Parties about their control system and of the results of controls carried out under that system. 2. A Party carrying out a verification under this Article in the territory of another Party shall provide that Party with the results and
Verifications. (1) Administrative verifications shall be carried out on all applications for support, payment requests or other declarations required to be submitted by a recipient, and shall cover all elements that can be checked and are appropriate to be checked by means of administrative verifications. The procedures shall require recording of the control work undertaken, the results of the verification and the measures taken in the event of discrepancies.