Cost Audit Sample Clauses

Cost Audit. If there is a claim for additional compensation or for Additional Services, the City's Right includes the right to examine books, records, documents, and any and all other evidence and accounting procedures and practices that the City determines are necessary to discover and verify all direct and indirect costs, of whatever nature, which are claimed to have been incurred, or anticipated to be incurred.
Cost Audit. Each Party shall use Diligent Efforts to minimize the Manufacturing Cost while assuring the quality and availability of Bulk API or Finished Product, as applicable, and shall consider in good faith all reasonable input from the other Party for such purpose. Each Party shall maintain complete and accurate records in sufficient detail to permit the other Party to confirm the accuracy of the calculation of Manufacturing Cost and resulting supply price payments due under this Agreement or the Supply Agreement. Upon reasonable prior notice, such records shall be available during regular business hours for a period of three (3) years from the creation of individual records for examination at the auditing Party's expense, and not more often than once each Fiscal Year, by an independent certified public accountant selected by the auditing Party and reasonably acceptable to the audited Party, for the sole purpose of verifying the accuracy of the calculation of the supply price pursuant to this Agreement. Any such accountant shall not disclose the audited Party's Confidential Information, except to the extent such disclosure is necessary to verify the accuracy of amount of supply price due by the auditing Party under this Agreement. Any amounts determined by such accountant to be overpaid, if any, shall be reimbursed to the auditing Party within thirty (30) days from issuance of the accountant's report, plus interest (as set forth in Section 8.7) from the original due date. Any amounts determined to be underpaid shall be paid within thirty (30) days from the accountant's report. The auditing Party shall bear the full cost of such audit unless such audit discloses an overpayment of the amount actually owed during the applicable Fiscal Year of more than [*], in which case the audited Party shall bear the full cost of such audit.
Cost Audit. At the end of each fiscal year, Seattle shall provide a statement of actual costs allocated to each cost pool and other costs and revenues received, which statement may be audited by an external auditor selected by the Operating Board. In addition, Water Utility may have the statement audited by an external auditor of it’s choice, solely at Water Utility’s expense.
Cost Audit. No later than August 1 of each year, Seattle shall provide a statement of actual costs allocated to each cost pool and other costs and revenues received during the prior year, which statement shall be audited by an external auditor. In addition, by an external auditor of its choice, solely at may have the statement audited ’s expense. This statement shall clearly identify the amount by which payments made by during the prior year were in excess of, or insufficient to meet the actual costs allocable to for the prior year. This surplus or deficit shall earn interest at the Rate of Return on Investment, and shall be reduced in accordance with Section 8.10B. No later than December 31 of the year following the termination of the contract, any remaining surplus or deficit balance shall be paid in cash by the party owing the balance to the Party to whom the balance is owed.

Related to Cost Audit

  • SAO AUDIT A. The state auditor may conduct an audit or investigation of any entity receiving funds from the state directly under the Contract or indirectly through a subcontract under the Contract. The acceptance of funds directly under the Contract or indirectly through a subcontract under the Contract acts as acceptance of the authority of the state auditor, under the direction of the legislative audit committee, to conduct an audit or investigation in connection with those funds. Under the direction of the legislative audit committee, an entity that is the subject of an audit or investigation by the state auditor must provide the state auditor with access to any information the state auditor considers relevant to the investigation or audit.

  • Contract Audits Eligible Purchaser represents and warrants that it shall cooperate with Enterprise Services, the Office of the State Auditor, federal officials, and/or any third party authorized by law or contract, in any audit conducted by such party pertaining to any Contracts that Eligible Purchaser has made purchases from pursuant to this Agreement, including providing records related to any purchases from such Contracts.

  • Payment Audit Records of costs incurred under terms of the Contract will be maintained in accordance with section 8.3 of these Special Contract Conditions. Records of costs incurred will include the Contractor’s general accounting records, together with supporting documents and records of the Contractor and all subcontractors performing work, and all other records of the Contractor and subcontractors considered necessary by the Department, the State of Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, or the Office of the Auditor General.

  • Records; Audit The Contractor shall maintain during the term of the contract all books of account, reports and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and standards for records directly related to this contract. The Contractor agrees to make available to the City Auditor or the City Auditor’s designee, during normal business hours and in Broward, Miami-Dade or Palm Beach Counties, all books of account, reports, and records relating to this contract. The Contractor shall retain all books of account, reports, and records relating to this contract for the duration of the contract and for three years after the final payment under this Agreement, until all pending audits, investigations or litigation matters relating to the contract are closed, or until expiration of the records retention period prescribed by Florida law or the records retention schedules adopted by the Division of Library and Information Services of the Florida Department of State, whichever is later.

  • Audit Notwithstanding any other audit requirement, H-GAC reserves the right to conduct or cause to be conducted an independent audit of any transaction under this Agreement, such audit may be performed by the H-GAC local government audit staff, a certified public accountant firm, or other auditors designated by H-GAC and will be conducted in accordance with applicable professional standards and practices. The Contractor understands and agrees that the Contractor shall be liable to the H-GAC for any findings that result in monetary obligations to H-GAC.

  • Independent Audit 25.1 CONTRACTOR shall employ a licensed certified public accountant who shall prepare and file with ADMINISTRATOR an annual organization-wide audit of related expenditures during the term of this Agreement in compliance with 31 USC 7501 – 7507, as well as its implementing regulations under 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. If CONTRACTOR is not subject to the aforementioned regulations for any year covered during the term of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall provide ADMINISTRATOR an Independent Auditor’s Report of CONTRACTOR’s financial statements. The audit must be performed in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. CONTRACTOR shall cooperate with COUNTY, State, and/or federal agencies to ensure that corrective action is taken within six (6) months after issuance of all audit reports with regard to audit exceptions.

  • Customer Audit Customer or its independent third party auditor reasonably acceptable to SAP (which shall not include any third party auditors who are either a competitor of SAP or not suitably qualified or independent) may audit SAP’s control environment and security practices relevant to Personal Data processed by SAP only if:

  • Final Audit Within a reasonable time following the completion of the liquidation (and, in all events, in full compliance with all applicable CFTC rules), the liquidator shall supply to each of the Members a statement that shall set forth the assets and the liabilities of the Company as of the date of complete liquidation and each Member’s portion of the distributions made pursuant to Section 10.4.