Convertible Mortgage Loan Sample Clauses

Convertible Mortgage Loan. Any Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan that contains a provision whereby the Mortgagor is permitted to convert the Mortgage Loan to a fixed-rate mortgage loan in accordance with the terms of the related Mortgage Note. Countrywide: Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., or any successor or assign to Countrywide under this Agreement as provided herein.
Convertible Mortgage Loan. None. ------------------------- Cooperative Corporation: The entity that holds title (fee or an ----------------------- acceptable leasehold estate) to the real property and improvements constituting the Cooperative Property and which governs the Cooperative Property, which Cooperative Corporation must qualify as a Cooperative Housing Corporation under Section 216 of the Code.
Convertible Mortgage Loan. None. ------------------------- Cooperative Loan: Any Mortgage Loan secured by Cooperative Shares ---------------- and a Proprietary Lease.
Convertible Mortgage Loan. Not applicable..
Convertible Mortgage Loan. I-11 Cooperative Corporation..........................................
Convertible Mortgage Loan. None. ------------------------- Cooperative Loan: None. ---------------- Cooperative Loan Documents: Not applicable. -------------------------- Cooperative Property: Not applicable. -------------------- Cooperative Shares: Not applicable. ------------------ Cooperative Unit: Not applicable. ---------------- Corporate Trust Office: The principal corporate trust office of the ---------------------- Trustee at which, at any particular time, its corporate trust business shall be administered, which office at the date hereof is located at 000 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000, Attention: Structured Finance Services.
Convertible Mortgage Loan. An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan that by its terms and subject to certain conditions allows the Mortgagor to convert the adjustable Mortgage Interest Rate thereon to a fixed Mortgage Interest Rate.

Related to Convertible Mortgage Loan

  • Mortgage Loan The appraisal was conducted by an appraiser who had no interest, direct or indirect, in the Mortgaged Property or in any loan made on the security thereof; and whose compensation is not affected by the approval or disapproval of the Mortgage Loan, and the appraisal and the appraiser both satisfy the applicable requirements of Title XI of the Financial Institution Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, all as in effect on the date the Mortgage Loan was originated;

  • The Mortgage Loans Concurrently with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Seller hereby transfers to the Purchaser, without recourse, all of its right, title and interest existing now or in the future in,

  • Optional Purchase of Defaulted Mortgage Loans As to any Mortgage Loan which is delinquent in payment by 90 days or more, the Master Servicer may, at its option, purchase such Mortgage Loan from the Trustee at the Purchase Price therefor. If at any time the Master Servicer makes a payment to the Certificate Account covering the amount of the Purchase Price for such a Mortgage Loan, and the Master Servicer provides to the Trustee a certification signed by a Servicing Officer stating that the amount of such payment has been deposited in the Certificate Account, then the Trustee shall execute the assignment of such Mortgage Loan at the request of the Master Servicer without recourse to the Master Servicer, which shall succeed to all the Trustee's right, title and interest in and to such Mortgage Loan, and all security and documents relative thereto. Such assignment shall be an assignment outright and not for security. The Master Servicer will thereupon own such Mortgage, and all such security and documents, free of any further obligation to the Trustee or the Certificateholders with respect thereto. If, however, the Master Servicer shall have exercised its right to repurchase a Mortgage Loan pursuant to this Section 4.07 upon the written request of and with funds provided by the Junior Certificateholder and thereupon transferred such Mortgage Loan to the Junior Certificateholder, the Master Servicer shall so notify the Trustee in writing.

  • Special Serviced Mortgage Loans If directed by the Special Servicer and solely at the Special Servicer’s option, each Servicer, other than WMMSC (a “Transferring Servicer”), shall transfer the servicing of any Mortgage Loan (other than a WMMSC Serviced Mortgage Loan) 90 days or more delinquent to the Special Servicer. The Special Servicer shall thereupon assume all of the rights and obligations of the Transferring Servicer, as Servicer, hereunder arising thereafter and the Transferring Servicer shall have no further rights or obligations, as Servicer, hereunder with respect to such Mortgage Loan (except that the Special Servicer shall not be (i) liable for losses of the Transferring Servicer pursuant to Section 3.09 hereof or for any acts or omissions of the Transferring Servicer hereunder prior to the servicing transfer date, (ii) obligated to effectuate repurchases or substitutions of Mortgage Loans hereunder including, but not limited to, repurchases or substitutions of Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 2.02 or 2.03 hereof or (iii) deemed to have made any representations and warranties of the Transferring Servicer hereunder). Upon the transfer of the servicing of any such Mortgage Loan to the Special Servicer, the Special Servicer shall be entitled to the Servicing Fee and other compensation accruing after the servicing transfer date with respect to such Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 3.14. In connection with the transfer of the servicing of any Mortgage Loan to the Special Servicer, the Transferring Servicer, at the Special Servicer’s expense, shall deliver to the Special Servicer all documents and records relating to such Mortgage Loans and an accounting of amounts collected or held by it and otherwise use its best efforts to effect the orderly and efficient transfer of the servicing to the Special Servicer. On the servicing transfer date, the Special Servicer shall reimburse the Transferring Servicer for all unreimbursed Advances, Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees relating to the Mortgage Loans for which the servicing is being transferred. The Special Servicer shall be entitled to be reimbursed pursuant to Section 3.08 or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement for all such Advances, Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees paid by the Transferring Servicer pursuant to this Section 3.19. In addition, the Special Servicer shall notify the Master Servicer of such transfer and the effective date of such transfer, and amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule to reflect that such Mortgage Loans are Special Serviced Mortgage Loans.

  • Qualifying Mortgage Loans In order for a mortgage loan to be a Qualifying Loan it must meet all of the following criteria, which must be confirmed by the lender: • The collateral securing the mortgage loan is owner-occupied and the owner’s primary residence; and • The mortgagor has a first priority lien on the collateral; and • Either the borrower is at least 60 days delinquent or a default is reasonably foreseeable. Modification Process The lender shall undertake a review of its mortgage loan portfolio to identify Qualifying Loans. For each Qualifying Loan, the lender shall determine the net present value of the modified loan and, if it will exceed the net present value of the foreclosed collateral upon disposition, then the Qualifying Loan shall be modified so as to reduce the borrower’s monthly DTI Ratio to no more than 31% at the time of the modification. To achieve this, the lender shall use a combination of interest rate reduction, term extension and principal forbearance, as necessary. The borrower’s monthly DTI Ratio shall be a percentage calculated by dividing the borrower’s monthly income by the borrower’s monthly housing payment (including principal, interest, taxes and insurance). For these purposes, (1) the borrower’s monthly income shall be the amount of the borrower’s (along with any co-borrowers’) documented and verified gross monthly income, and (2) the borrower’s monthly housing payment shall be the amount required to pay monthly principal and interest plus one-twelfth of the then current annual amount required to pay real property taxes and homeowner’s insurance with respect to the collateral. In order to calculate the monthly principal payment, the lender shall capitalize to the outstanding principal balance of the Qualifying Loan the amount of all delinquent interest, delinquent taxes, past due insurance premiums, third party fees and (without duplication) escrow advances (such amount, the “Capitalized Balance”). In order to achieve the goal of reducing the DTI Ratio to 31%, the lender shall take the following steps in the following order of priority with respect to each Qualifying Loan:

  • Assignment of Interest in the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement (a) The Depositor hereby assigns to the Trustee, on behalf of the Certificateholders, all of its right, title and interest in the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, including but not limited to the Depositor's rights and obligations pursuant to the Servicing Agreements (noting that the Seller has retained the right in the event of breach of the representations, warranties and covenants, if any, with respect to the related Mortgage Loans of the related Servicer under the related Servicing Agreement to enforce the provisions thereof and to seek all or any available remedies). The obligations of the Seller to substitute or repurchase, as applicable, a Mortgage Loan shall be the Trustee's and the Certificateholders' sole remedy for any breach thereof. At the request of the Trustee, the Depositor shall take such actions as may be necessary to enforce the above right, title and interest on behalf of the Trustee and the Certificateholders or shall execute such further documents as the Trustee may reasonably require in order to enable the Trustee to carry out such enforcement.

  • Purchase of Distressed Mortgage Loans The NIMS Insurer may, at its option, purchase a Distressed Mortgage Loan; provided, however, prior to any such purchase, the Servicer shall be required to continue to make Monthly Advances with respect to such Distressed Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 4.03. Any such purchase shall be accomplished by remittance to the Master Servicer of the Purchase Price for the Distressed Mortgage Loan for deposit into the Collection Account established by the Master Servicer pursuant to the Trust Agreement. The Trustee and the Servicer shall immediately effectuate the conveyance of the purchased Distressed Mortgage Loan to the NIMS Insurer exercising the purchase option, including prompt delivery of the Servicing File and all related documentation to the applicable NIMS Insurer.

  • Special Servicing of Delinquent Mortgage Loans If permitted under the terms of the applicable Servicing Agreement, the Seller may appoint, pursuant to the terms of the applicable Servicing Agreement and with the written consent of the Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Trustee, the Securities Administrator and any NIMS Insurer, a Special Servicer to special service any Distressed Mortgage Loans. Any applicable Termination Fee related to the termination of the related Servicer and the appointment of any Special Servicer shall be paid by the Seller from its own funds, without right of reimbursement from the Trust Fund. Any fees paid to any such Special Servicer shall not exceed the Servicing Fee Rate.

  • Sale of Defaulted Mortgage Loans and REO Properties (a) (i) Within thirty (30) days after a Defaulted Mortgage Loan has become a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan, the Special Servicer shall order (but shall not be required to have received) an Appraisal and within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Appraisal shall determine the fair value of such Defaulted Mortgage Loan in accordance with the Servicing Standard; provided, however, that if the Special Servicer is then in the process of obtaining an Appraisal with respect to the related Mortgaged Property, the Special Servicer shall make its fair value determination as soon as reasonably practicable (but in any event within thirty (30) days) after its receipt of such an Appraisal. The Special Servicer may, from time to time, adjust its fair value determination based upon changed circumstances, new information and other relevant factors, in each instance in accordance with a review of such circumstances and new information in accordance with the Servicing Standard; provided that the Special Servicer shall promptly notify the Master Servicer in writing of the initial fair value determination and any adjustment to its fair value determination.

  • Repurchase of Mortgage Loans with First Payment Defaults If the related Mortgagor is delinquent with respect to the Mortgage Loan's first Monthly Payment either (i) after origination of such Mortgage Loan, or (ii) after the related Closing Date, the Seller, at the Purchaser's option, shall repurchase such Mortgage Loan from the Purchaser at a price equal to the percentage of par as stated in the related Purchase Price and Terms Agreement (subject to adjustment as provided therein) multiplied by the then outstanding principal balance of such Mortgage Loan, plus accrued and unpaid interest thereon from the date to which interest was last paid through the day prior to the repurchase date at the applicable Mortgage Interest Rate, plus any outstanding advances owed to any servicer in connection with such Mortgage Loan. A Mortgage Loan's first Monthly Payment after the related Closing Date shall be considered "delinquent" if such Monthly Payment has not been received by the Purchaser by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month following the month in which the Monthly Payment was due. The Purchaser shall have ninety (90) days following any such delinquency to notify the Seller of any repurchase request and the Seller shall repurchase such delinquent Mortgage Loan within thirty (30) days of the date of such request.