Continued Vesting As a Result of Qualifying Severance Sample Clauses

Continued Vesting As a Result of Qualifying Severance. If Participant has been continuously employed by the Company or any Affiliate from the Grant Date until the date of a Qualifying Severance (as defined in Section 10) and the Scheduled Vesting Date is on or before the second anniversary of the Qualifying Severance, then the Units will become vested such that the Final Award Number will be determined in accordance with Section 1 and a number of Units equal to the Final Award Number shall continue to vest on the Scheduled Vesting Date. Units that vest in accordance with this subsection (v) shall be distributed to the Participant in accordance with Section 3(a). Except as provided above in this Section 2(a), if Participant’s employment with the Company or an Affiliate terminates, any Units that have not vested at the time of the termination shall be immediately and irrevocably forfeited.