CONSTRUCTED Sample Clauses

CONSTRUCTED. SPACE shall mean the space in the said New Building available for independent use and occupation including the space demarcated for common facilities and services.


  • Project Site The “Project Site” is the place where the Work is being carried on.

  • Buildings The Employer will provide and maintain all state-owned buildings, facilities, and equipment in accordance with the specific written order(s) of the Michigan Departments of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and/or Military and Veterans Affairs. Where facilities are leased by the Employer, the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to assure that such facilities comply with the order(s) of the Michigan Departments of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and/or Military and Veterans Affairs.

  • Construction of the Improvements Borrower shall commence construction of the Improvements on or before the Construction Commencement Date, and shall prosecute the construction of the Improvements with diligence and continuity, in a good and workmanlike manner, and in accordance with sound building and engineering practices, all applicable Laws and governmental requirements, the Plans and the Loan Documents. Borrower shall not permit cessation of work for a period in excess of ten (10) consecutive days, except for Excusable Delays. Borrower shall complete construction of the Improvements free and clear of all liens (except liens created by the Loan Documents), and shall obtain a certificate of occupancy and all other permits, licenses and approvals from all applicable governmental authorities required for the occupancy, use and operation of the Improvements, in each case satisfactory to Administrative Agent, on or before the Completion Date. Borrower shall promptly after receiving knowledge of same, correct (a) any material defect in the Improvements, (b) any material departure from the Plans, Law or governmental requirements, or (c) any encroachment by any Improvements or structure on any building setback line, easement, property line or restricted area.

  • Repairs and Improvements 9.1 Prior to registration of transfer, the PURCHASER shall not be entitled to effect any alterations to the PROPERTY without the prior written consent of the SELLER.

  • Plans and Specifications (a) The Architect and Engineers retained by the Owner shall, under the direction of the Developer and after consultation with the Owner, prepare basic design plans (the "Basic Plans"). As a part of this process, the Developer may engage engineers, including the site engineers, to perform test borings and other soil testing at the Property for purposes of properly locating the Property on the Project. The Developer, the Architects and Engineers shall consult with the Owner during the process of preparing the Basic Plans. The Developer, Architect and the Engineers shall have access to the Project for all such tests and surveys.

  • Project The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall cause the Project to be carried out by the Project Implementing Entity in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions and the Project Agreement. Without limitation upon the provisions of Section 3.01 of this Agreement, and except as the Recipient and the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.

  • Premises Building Project and Common Areas 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.

  • Building and Improvements Lessor shall obtain and keep in force during the term of this Lease a policy or policies in the name of Lessor, with loss payable to Lessor and to any Lender(s), insuring against loss or damage to the Premises. Such insurance shall be for full replacement cost, as the same shall exist from time to time, or the amount required by any Lender(s), but in no event more than the commercially reasonable and available insurable value thereof if, by reason of the unique nature or age of the improvements involved, such latter amount is less than full replacement cost. Lessee-Owned Alterations and Utility Installations, Trade Fixtures and Lessee's personal property shall be insured by Lessee pursuant to Paragraph 8.4. If the coverage is available and commercially appropriate, Lessor's policy or policies shall insure against all risks of direct physical loss or damage (except the perils of flood and/or earthquake unless required by a Lender), including coverage for any additional costs resulting from debris removal and reasonable amounts of coverage for the enforcement of any ordinance or law regulating the reconstruction or replacement of any undamaged sections of the Building required to be demolished or removed by reason of the enforcement of any building, zoning, safety or land use laws as the result of a covered loss, but not including plate glass insurance. Said policy or policies shall also contain an agreed valuation provision in lieu of any co-insurance clause, waiver of subrogation, and inflation guard protection causing an increase in the annual property insurance coverage amount by a factor of not less than the adjusted U.S. Department of Labor Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for the city nearest to where the Premises are located.

  • Additional Improvements Common Area Operating Expenses shall not include Real Property Taxes specified in the tax assessor's records and work sheets as being caused by additional improvements placed upon the Industrial Center by other lessees or by Lessor for the exclusive enjoyment of such other lessees. Notwithstanding Paragraph 10.1 hereof, Lessee shall, however, pay to Lessor at the time Common Area Operating Expenses are payable under Paragraph 4.2, the entirety of any increase in Real Property Taxes if assessed solely by reason of Alterations, Trade Fixtures or Utility Installations placed upon the Premises by Lessee or at Lessee's request.

  • Lessee Improvements Lessee shall not make or allow to be made any alterations or physical additions in or to the Leased Premises without first obtaining the prior written consent of Lessor, which consent may in the reasonable judgement of Lessor be denied. Any alterations, physical additions or improvements made by Lessee to the Leased Premises shall at once become the property of Lessor and shall be surrendered to Lessor upon the Expiration Date or sooner termination of this Lease; provided, however, that Lessor, at its option, may require Lessee to remove any physical additions and/or repair any alterations in order to restore the Leased Premises to the condition existing at the Commencement Date, all costs of removal and/or alterations to be borne by Lessee. This Section 6.02 shall not apply to moveable equipment or furniture owned by Lessee, which may be removed by Lessee at the Expiration Date or sooner termination of the term of this Lease only if Lessee is not then in default and if such equipment and furniture are not then subject to any other rights, liens and interest of Lessor.