Conditions Precedent to Disbursement Sample Clauses

Conditions Precedent to Disbursement. The Escrow Agent's payment of any disbursement shall be made only if: (I) the Trustee shall have submitted, in accordance with the provisions of Section 3(a) herein, a completed Payment Notice and Disbursement Request to the Escrow Agent substantially in the form of Exhibit A with blanks appropriately filled in and (II) the Escrow Agent shall not have received any notice from the Trustee that as a result of an Event of Default the indebtedness represented by the Securities has been accelerated and has become due and payable (in which event the Escrow Agent shall apply all Available Funds as required by Section 6(b)(iii)).
Conditions Precedent to Disbursement. In conjunction with and as additional (but independent) supporting evidence for certain of the covenants, representations and warranties made by Company herein, prior to and as a condition of the Disbursement, Company shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Purchasers each of the following:
Conditions Precedent to Disbursement. The following conditions must be satisfied before the Loan is disbursed to Borrowers:
Conditions Precedent to Disbursement. 4.1 The Bank may not disburse at any time, any amount under the Loan unless the following conditions are complied with in the sole discretion of the Bank:
Conditions Precedent to Disbursement. (1) Annex A, the Program Implementation Abstract, may state conditions precedent to first disbursement of funds under the Grant or conditions precedent to disbursement of Grant funds for a particular purpose, in excess of a specified amount or after a certain time. Unless the Global Fund and the Principal Recipient agree otherwise in writing, the Principal Recipient must satisfy the stated conditions, in form and substance satisfactory to the Global Fund, before the Global Fund will authorize disbursement of the relevant funds.
Conditions Precedent to Disbursement. Vendor agrees further that the City shall not be obligated to make any disbursement of the Subgrant Proceeds unless and until Vendor has fulfilled all of the City’s customary conditions for disbursement of Subgrant Proceeds under the City’s WIA Programs (the “Conditions to Disbursement”). Such conditions include, for purposes of guidance and illustration, but are not limited to, the following: