Compaction E Sample Clauses

Compaction E. Compact to a density of at least 95 per-cent of the maximum density, as detennined by AASHTO T 180, method C or D.For all compaction methods, blade the surface of each layer during the compaction operations to remove irregularities and produce a smooth, even surface. When a density requirement is specified, determine the in place density and moisture content according to AASHTO T 310 or other approved test procedures. SR-29 602 - Culverts and Drains Add the following to Subsection 602.05.602.05 Laying Metal Pipe. 602.05_National_7_7_2017 (c) Standard Connecting bands. Band corrugation shall match that of the pipe sections being joined or the annular rerolled ends of those pipe sections. AHO CREEK TIMBER SALE SPECIFICATION LISTThe Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture has adopted FP-14 for construction of National Forest System Roads. FP-14 Standard Specifications are available on-line at https://f Forest Service Supplemental Specifications to FP-14 are included in the contract. RoadNumbers:5383 5383D5383- 5383-D2 5383F 5383G I FP-14Spec. No.0.0- 0.0-Mi eposts: 2.32 0.98 Construction Mi es: 0.15Reconstruction Mi es: 2.32 0.83Title0.0- 0.0- 0.0- 0.0-0.29 0.03 0.03 0.29