Collocation Sample Clauses

Collocation. Each circuit to be provided to each End User Customer will terminate in a Collocation arrangement that is established pursuant to Section 251(c)(6) of the Act and located at Qwest's Premises within the same LATA as the End User Customer's premises, when Qwest is not the collocator, and cannot be at an Interexchange Carrier POP or ISP POP location;
Collocation. BellSouth shall permit Physical Collocation of OnePoint’s equipment at the premises of BellSouth as necessary for Interconnection and access to unbundled Network Elements on a just, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory basis, pursuant to the rates, terms and conditions set forth in Attachment 4 hereto and in accordance with the Act, including Section 251(c)(6), and all applicable FCC and State Commission Requirements. BellSouth shall permit Virtual Collocation pursuant to the terms of BellSouth’s FCC Tariff No. 1.
Collocation. IXC hereby grants to PSINet the right to locate, install, maintain and operate Equipment at the IXC Premises for the duration of the term of the Purchase Agreement. No use of the IXC Premises required or permitted under this Agreement shall create or vest in PSINet any easements or other ownership or property rights of any nature in IXC's real or personal property or the IXC Premises.
Collocation. VERIZON will charge EIS/Collocation rates from the applicable VERIZON tariff, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. SPRINT will charge VERIZON flat rated transport at tariffed rates or as mutually agreed, to reflect the proportionate share of the facility that is used for transport of Local Traffic originated by VERIZON. SPRINT will apply charges based on the lesser of (i) the airline mileage from the IP to the SPRINT switch; or (ii) two (2) times the airline mileage from the VERIZON switch to the serving area boundary.
Collocation. As of the date of execution of this Agreement, CLEC does not intend to order any form of Collocation under this Section 8. In the event that CLEC wishes to order Collocation hereunder, the Parties will amend this Agreement to include the provisions for Collocation. In addition CLEC will comply with the Umbrella/Excess Liability insurance requirements contained in Section of this Agreement.
Collocation. (a) WinStar shall have the right to use Transmission Sites along the Route pursuant to the Fiber Collocation Provisions. Such Transmission Sites shall meet or exceed the power and building requirements specified in Exhibit G. WinStar shall provide, maintain, and for all purposes be solely responsible for all WinStar Equipment at Transmission Sites or other locations.
Collocation. When CLEC collocates with PACIFIC in LEC's facility as described in this Agreement, capital expenditures (e.g., costs associated with building the "cage"), shall not be included in the Connectivity Bill provided to CLEC pursuant to this Attachment. All such capital expenses shall be billed through FABS, identified as capital expense charges and given a unique and consistent Billing Account Number. All invoices for capital expenses shall be sent to the location specified by CLEC for payment. All other non-capital recurring collocation expenses shall be billed to CLEC in accordance with this Agreement. The CABS Billing Output Specifications ("BOS") documents provide the guidelines on how to bill xxx Connectivity Charges associated with collocation. The bill xxxel for those collocation charges shall be entitled "Expanded Interconnection Service."