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Background Check of Personnel 
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  • REDUCTION OF PERSONNEL A. The District and the Association recognize the possibility that the financial condition of the schools at a given time could necessitate a curtailment of program on the part of the District, including a reduction of personnel. The parties also recognize that such determinations are within the exclusive discretion of the District. In the event of a general cutback or reduction of personnel through layoff from employment, the following procedure, based upon program needs, will be utilized by the District or its designated representatives:

  • Removal of Personnel TFC may request that the Contractor replace unsatisfactory personnel, which request shall not be unreasonably denied.

  • Contents of Personnel File A. Adverse statements prepared by the County shall not be included in an employee's official personnel file unless a copy is provided to the employee.

  • Review of Personnel File Upon written authority from an employee, OC shall permit the President of the Union or their designate to review that employee's personnel file in the office in which the file is normally kept in order to facilitate the proper investigation of a grievance.

  • Assignment of Personnel The Contractor shall not substitute any personnel for those specifically named in its proposal unless personnel with substantially equal or better qualifications and experience are provided, acceptable to County, as is evidenced in writing.

  • Employment of Personnel Manager shall use its diligent efforts to investigate, hire, pay, supervise and discharge the personnel necessary to be employed by it to properly maintain, operate and lease the Property, including without limitation a property manager or business manager at the Property. Such personnel shall in every instance be deemed agents or employees, as the case may be, of Manager. Owner has no right of supervision or direction of agents or employees of Manager whatsoever; however, Owner shall have the right to require the reassignment or termination of any employee. All Owner directives shall be communicated to Manager’s senior level management employees. Manager and all personnel of Manager who handle or who are responsible for handling Owner’s monies shall be bonded in favor of Owner. Manager agrees to obtain and keep in effect fidelity insurance in an amount not less than Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000). All reasonable salaries, wages and other compensation of personnel employed by Manager, including so-called fringe benefits, worker’s compensation, medical and health insurance and the like, shall be deemed to be reimbursable expenses of Manager. Manager may allow its employees who work at the Property and provide services to the Property after normal business hours, to reside at the Property for reduced rents (or rent fee as provided in the Operating Budget) in consideration of their benefit to Owner and the Property, provided such reduced rents are reflected in the Annual Business Plan.

  • Entry and Sojourn of Personnel A Contracting Party shall, subject to its laws applicable from time to time relating to the entry and sojourn of non-citizens, permit natural persons of the other Contracting Party and personnel employed by companies of the other Contracting Party to enter and remain in its territory for the purpose of engaging in activities connected with investments.

  • Review of Personnel Files Every member shall be allowed to review any of his/her personnel files except "confidential law enforcement records" and "trial preparation records" as defined in Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43 at any time, upon request and reasonable notice. Such request shall be made to the supervisor directly responsible for maintenance of such files. Review of the files shall be made in the presence of such supervisor or the supervisor's designated representative. For the Division master personnel file, the request shall be made to the member's Subdivision Deputy Chief or his/her designated representative. Any member, or the member's Lodge representative, may copy documents in the member's file. The City may levy a charge for such copying, which charge shall bear a reasonable relationship to actual costs. A member will be notified in writing any time records within his/her personnel, background, IAB, and/or payroll file(s) are requested, as a public records request pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43, provided the City determines that the request is proper under applicable law. A member may request copies of any records provided under this paragraph, and these copies shall be provided at no cost to the member.

  • Categories of Personal Data Data Controller may submit Personal Data to the Subscription Service, the extent of which is solely determined by Data Controller, and may include the following categories: • communication data (e.g. telephone, email); • business and personal contact details; and • other Personal Data submitted to the Subscription Service.

  • Project Personnel It is understood and agreed that the Project Director identified at Item 3, Page One of this Agreement shall be responsible for the overall supervision and conduct of the Work on behalf of the Contractor and that the persons described in the Statement of Work shall serve in the capacities described therein. Any change of Project Director by the Contractor shall be subject to the prior written approval of NYSERDA. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and, in the event that notice of approval or disapproval is not received by the Contractor within thirty (30) days after receipt of request for approval by NYSERDA, the requested change in Project Director shall be considered approved. In the event that NYSERDA requires additional time for considering approval, NYSERDA shall notify the Contractor within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request for approval that additional time is required and shall specify the additional amount of time necessary up to thirty (30) days.

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