Application Hosting Sample Clauses

Application Hosting. The Internet Access is for Tenant's general use only. Tenant shall not use the Internet Access to provide access to the Internet by third parties. Tenant agrees not to use the Internet Access for operation as an Internet Service Provider, a server site for FTP, Telnet, Rlogin, E-Mail hosting, Web hosting or other similar applications, unless these applications are solely for the internal use and benefit of Tenant.
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Application Hosting. Application hosting is a type of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) hosting solution that allows applications to be available from a remote cloud infrastructure and to be accessed by users through the internet.
Application Hosting. Company and Licensee agree to the terms and conditions of the Cloud Hosting Services Agreement, which is attached hereto and fully incorporated herein. Licensee shall be billed for the Infinite Campus Services, as described in the Cloud Hosting Services Agreement, in accordance with the payment terms set forth in Section 3.0 of this Agreement.
Application Hosting. Vendor shall provide the Hosting Services described in Schedule I to this SOW and otherwise subject to the provisions of the Agreement.
Application Hosting. ECOG will provide a single-per customer instance subscription for software application hosting of the SAAS Services. (This can include an instance for both training and production). This application hosting service includes the provision for sufficient hardware and software required for both end users and vendors to access the SAAS Services. The enterprise application hosting service also includes solution access within a single customer instance of the SAAS Services.
Application Hosting. The Service Provider will provide app services hosted on the Microsoft Azure network and utilise the UK datacentres located in the South and West. 2 app services will be provided one for authentication and another for immunisation. Each app service will be scaled to meet demand during peak times. App services will be geo-replicated across the 2 datacentres. Access to the app services will only be available via HTTPS TLS1.2 and above. Application Insights will be enabled on the app services so that performance and security can be monitored. Each app service will have a minimum of 1 core, 1.75GB of RAM and 50GB storage. Microsoft Azure SLA Monthly Availability: 99.95%

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  • Hosting At CLEC’s request, SBC-SWBT and SBC-AMERITECH shall perform hosting responsibilities for the provision of billable message data and/or access usage data received from CLEC for distribution to the appropriate billing and/or processing location or for delivery to CLEC of such data via SBC-SWBT’s and SBC-AMERITECH’s internal network or the nationwide CMDS network pursuant to the applicable Appendix HOST, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

  • Software Maintenance Subrecipient shall apply security patches and upgrades in a timely manner and keep virus software up-to-date on all systems on which State data may be stored or accessed.

  • Programming (a) Pursuant to Section 624 of the Cable Act, the Licensee shall maintain the mix, quality and broad categories of Programming set forth in Exhibit 4, attached hereto and made a part hereof. Pursuant to applicable federal law, all Programming decisions, including the Programming listed in Exhibit 4, attached hereto, shall be at the sole discretion of the Licensee.

  • Information Systems Acquisition Development and Maintenance ● Product features are managed through a formalized product management process. Security requirements are discussed and formulated during scoping and design discussions. ● XxxXxxx maintains a QA Department dedicated to reviewing and testing application functionality and stability. ● Application source code is stored in a central repository. Access to source code is limited to authorized individuals. ● Changes to MaxMind software are tested before production deployment. Deployment processes include unit testing at the source environment, as well as integration and functional testing within a test environment prior to implementation in production.

  • Maintenance Support State Street shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct system functions that do not work according to the System Product Description as set forth on Attachment A in priority order in the next scheduled delivery release or otherwise as soon as is practicable.

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