All Sales are Final Sample Clauses

All Sales are Final. As a standard practice, TEMPEST TELECOM honors all manufacturers’ warranties, and will assist customers in processing warranty claims, however all sales of equipment by Tempest Telecom are final.
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All Sales are Final. All sales and bids are final. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be issued for date or time changes, partial performances, or loss.
All Sales are Final. Due to the custom nature of each session, all sales are final. Please be absolutely sure of your selections at the time of ordering.
All Sales are Final. No returns or refunds; except as expressly stated in this contract. While SELLER makes every effort to ensure said bird(s) are sweet, lovable, and well socialized, there is no guarantee on personality, pet, or breeding potential. BUYER is solely responsible for the training and behavior of said bird(s).
All Sales are Final. All orders are final and absolute once your flat fee service fee has been paid. No refunds are given at anytime. Once the listing has been input into the MLS, Home Max will provide Sellers with a copy of the listing to proof read. This agreement is binding on both parties, whether or not Sellers receive a signed copy of this Agreement.
All Sales are Final. Any and all sales transacted under this agreement are final and without recourse to both the Seller and the Purchaser.
All Sales are Final. Provided, however, that Distributor shall have fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery to the location as designated by the Distributor in Laredo, Texas to inspect the Goods and request return of the Goods in the event of a serious defect caused by gross negligence of the Company rendering the Goods wholly unusable. The fact that Distributor's potency and formula laboratory testing may differ from Company's shall not constitute grounds for return of the Goods, as the Distributor has the Manufacturing Sign-Off Approval as stated in Section 6 of this Agreement
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All Sales are Final. As a standard practice, Triad Marine Ltd. honors all manufacturers warranties and will assist customers in processing warranty claims, however all sales of equipment by Triad Marine Ltd. are final.
All Sales are Final. Save where indicated otherwise, Mint will have no obligation to return or refund any payments related to any item acquired under this SASLA. This provision will not limit any rights You may otherwise have under an end user agreement.
All Sales are Final subscriptions will automatically renew on the expiration date set out on the cover sheet of this ASLA and each anniversary thereof for a period of twelve (12) months unless You cancel such subscription by written notice no less than 90 (ninety) days before the expiration date or such anniversary.
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