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  • ADJUSTMENT OF GRIEVANCES 7.01 Should any difference arise between the Employer and any of the employees, or between the Employer and the Union, as to the interpretation, application or alleged violation of any of the provisions of the agreement, an xxxxxxx effort shall be made to settle such difference without undue delay in the following manner: STAGE ONE The employee concerned and/or a Union Xxxxxxx or Union Representative may within seven (7) calendar days of the alleged occurrence said to have caused the grievance, take the matter up with the Hotel General Manager or his designate, who shall give his answer verbally within seven (7) calendar days. The Hotel General Manager or his designate, a Union Xxxxxxx or a Union Representative will confirm in writing, that a stage one meeting had taken place, showing, on a form to be supplied by the Union, the date, grievor's name, and indicated that a verbal stage one meeting has been held. This form will be signed by the Hotel General Manager or his designate. The xxxxxxx will sign and date the form immediately upon receiving the decision. If the grievance is not satisfactorily settled, then; STAGE TWO A committee of the Union comprised of not more than two (2) employees of the Employer and/or not more than two (2) Union Representatives may, on behalf of the employee, present the grievance, in writing, to the Hotel General Manager or his designate within seven (7) calendar days after the decision has been received at Stage One, who shall discuss the matter with the such committee within fourteen (14) calendar days or such other dates as may be mutually agreed upon by the parties, and give a written decision not later than seven (7) calendar days after such discussion is concluded. If a satisfactory settlement of the grievance is not reached, it may be dealt with as hereinafter provided by Arbitration.

  • Adjustment, etc Any adjustment, indulgence, forbearance or compromise that might be granted or given by any of the Lenders to Borrower or Guarantor or any Person liable on the Liabilities;

  • Adjustment of Grievance The employer and the grievant shall attempt to adjust all grievances which may arise during the course of employment of any employee within the school district in the following manner:

  • Downward Adjustments The Purchase Price shall be adjusted downward by the following:

  • Adjustments Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, if any Lender becomes a Defaulting Lender, then, until such time as that Lender is no longer a Defaulting Lender, to the extent permitted by applicable Law:

  • ADJUSTMENT RIGHTS The purchase price per share and the number of shares of Preferred Stock purchasable hereunder are subject to adjustment, as follows:

  • Inflation Adjustment 48 Section 12.18 Counterparts....................................................................... 48 Section 12.19

  • Equitable Adjustment Trading volume amounts, price/volume amounts and similar figures in the Transaction Documents shall be equitably adjusted (but without duplication) to offset the effect of stock splits, similar events and as otherwise described in this Agreement and Warrants.

  • Adjustment The difference between the Book Value and market value as of Bank Closing.

  • Adjustment Payments At least annually, and more frequently throughout the year if mutually agreed to by the parties, an adjustment payment shall be made by the appropriate party in order that the payments remitted by LIA to each Fund with respect to the previous fiscal year shall equal the Excess Amount for that Fund.