Adjust Sample Clauses

Adjust. Adjust the Option as the Committee deems appropriate to reflect the Change in Control; and
Adjust. Adjust the shares, at the Grantee’s request, as the Committee deems appropriate to reflect the Change in Control.
Adjust. 2.07.01 The Contractor shall make the necessary equipment adjustments when the operation of the equipment varies from its normal designed performance standards.
Adjust. Adjust the shares as the Committee deems appropriate to reflect the Change in Control.
Adjust. Selecting the Adjust option of the Process menu allows you to enter or change the fee paid or modify the status (ie - Saved, Submitted, Discrepancy, or Reconciled) or billing type (ie - OHIP, Reciprocal, WCB or Direct) of any claim under the current provider. This is generally used for manual reconciliation (ie - for directly billed claims) or for resubmission of rejected machine-readable claims (by changing the status back to Saved from Submitted and correcting the error, the claim account will be automatically included in the billing submission). After selecting Adjust, the Claim Adjust screen will appear as shown below. Unlike the Claim Select screen, this screen allows you to access all claims for the active provider (ie - unsubmitted, submitted, discrepant and reconciled claims). As with Claim Select, typing in either: (a) the patient's surname, first name or any portion thereof, or (b) the claim Account #, will bring up the the Claim Browse Window if more than 1 claim matches the search criteria or the Adjust Claim… screen if only 1 claim matches the criteria. The Adjust Claim screen is shown below. Enter or change the fee paid as necessary for the appropriate claim items. Saved Submitted Discrepancy Reconciled You can use this Pop-Up menu to change the claim status for all of the items in the claim. If discrepancy is chosen, a warning message OHIP Reciprocal WCB Direct will appear, asking if you wish to change the status of all claim items to “Discrepancy”. You can use this Pop-Up menu to change the billing type for all of the items in the claim. Clicking the <F5-Choose> button will bring up the Claim Browse Window allowing you to select another claim for adjustment. Click the <F7-Done> button to exit. Preferences Selecting the Preferences option of the Process menu will bring up the Set Preferences Screen as illustrated below. Preferences can be used to set default values that are automatically entered for the specific fields shown on the screen, when a new patient entry or new claim entry is created. These default values are provider- specific and the values used depend on the provider that is active when a new patient or claim entry is created. Editing these default values will affect only new records. Previously entered information will not be affected. The check box entitled 'Automatic Date Entry' affects manual versus automatic entry of the service date when entering claims. If a value is entered for Default Date, then this date will be used f...
Adjust. A-LOAN OPTION: (a)
Adjust. 10.1 In this (a) ny’s share
Adjust. The Awarded Contractor shall use qualified individuals and proper diagnostic tools to make all necessary adjustments when the operation of the equipment varies from its normal or originally designed performance standards, as a result of normal wear and use and at regular intervals frequent enough to maintain a smooth quiet ride and optimum operating condition.
Adjust. A. Adjust mechanism so moving parts operate smoothly.

Related to Adjust

  • ADJUSTMENT OF GRIEVANCES 25.01 Any complaint, disagreement or difference of opinion between the Employer and the Union, or the employees covered by this Agreement, which concerns the interpretation, application, operation or alleged violation of the terms and provisions of this Agreement, shall be considered as a grievance.

  • Adjustment of Grievance The employer and the grievant shall attempt to adjust all grievances which may arise during the course of employment of any employee within the school district in the following manner:

  • Downward Adjustments The Purchase Price shall be adjusted downward by the following:

  • Adjustments Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, if any Lender becomes a Defaulting Lender, then, until such time as that Lender is no longer a Defaulting Lender, to the extent permitted by applicable Law:

  • ADJUSTMENT RIGHTS The purchase price per share and the number of shares of Preferred Stock purchasable hereunder are subject to adjustment, as follows:

  • Inflation Adjustment 48 Section 12.18 Counterparts....................................................................... 48 Section 12.19

  • Equitable Adjustment The Customer may, in its sole discretion, make an equitable adjustment in the Contract terms or pricing if pricing or availability of supply is affected by extreme and unforeseen volatility in the marketplace, that is, by circumstances that satisfy all the following criteria: (1) the volatility is due to causes wholly beyond the Contractor’s control, (2) the volatility affects the marketplace or industry, not just the particular Contract source of supply, (3) the effect on pricing or availability of supply is substantial, and (4) the volatility so affects the Contractor that continued performance of the Contract would result in a substantial loss.

  • Adjustment The difference between the Book Value and market value as of Bank Closing.

  • Compensation Adjustments Any compensation agreed to hereunder may be adjusted from time to time by mutual agreement by attaching revised Schedules A or B to this Agreement.