Additional Authority Sample Clauses

Additional Authority. Upon any sale or transfer of assets constituting Collateral which is expressly permitted pursuant to the terms of any Loan Document, or consented to in writing by the Required Lenders or all of the Lenders, as applicable, and upon at least five (5) Business Daysprior written request by the Borrower, the Administrative Agent shall (and is hereby irrevocably authorized by the Holders of Secured Obligations to) execute such documents as may be necessary to evidence the release of the Liens granted to the Administrative Agent for the benefit of the Holders of Secured Obligations herein or pursuant hereto upon the Collateral that was sold or transferred; provided, however, that (i) the Administrative Agent shall not be required to execute any such document on terms which, in the Administrative Agent’s opinion, would expose the Administrative Agent to liability or create any obligation or entail any consequence other than the release of such Liens without recourse or warranty, and (ii) such release shall not in any manner discharge, affect or impair the Secured Obligations or any Liens upon (or obligations of the Borrower or any Subsidiary in respect of) all interests retained by the Borrower or any Subsidiary, including (without limitation) the proceeds of the sale, all of which shall continue to constitute part of the Collateral.
Additional Authority. In addition to the powers and authority expressly conferred on the Board by this Agreement, the Board may exercise all such powers of the Company and do all such acts and things as are not restricted by this Agreement, the MLP Agreement, the Delaware LLC Act or Applicable Law.
Additional Authority. If school personnel seek to order a change in placement that would exceed 10 school days and the behavior that gave rise to the violation of the school code is determin ed not to be a manifestation of the child’s disability pursuant to subparagraph (E), the relevant disciplinary procedures applicable to children without disabilities may be applied to the child in the same manner and for the same duration in which the procedures would be applied to children without disabili- ties, except as provided in section 612(a)(1) [20 USCS § 1412(a)(1)] although it may be provided in an interim alternative educational setting.
Additional Authority. In addition, in that circumstance, the Committee as constituted before the Change in Control may, in its sole discretion:
Additional Authority. 10.7.1. The Directors are empowered and vested with all powers necessary for effectuating the purposes of the Cooperative and this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the powers set forth herein or conferred by law, and the following additional powers:
Additional Authority. The Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Secretary or Treasurer and the incumbents of any other similar positions which the Partnership Committee may elect to create, may be given other duties either of a general or specific nature by the Partnership Committee, but, in the absence of any such grant of authority, shall not be deemed to have any inherent authority to act for the Partnership except as specifically set forth above or elsewhere in this Agreement.
Additional Authority. Mortgagor is the lawful owner of the Mortgage Property and has good right and authority to pledge, mortgage, assign, sell and convey the same.