Accountant - C.P.A Sample Clauses

Accountant - C.P.A. Certified Public Accountant; C.A.:Chartered Accountant; C.G.A.: Certified General Accountant; C.M.A.: Certified Management Accountant; Dentist - D.D.S.: Doctor of Dental Surgery; D.M.D.: Doctor of Dental Medicine; Lawyer - LL.B.: Bachelor of Laws; X.X.: Doctor of Jurisprudence (not a doctorate); LL.L: Licence en Droit (Québec universities and University of Ottawa); B.C.L.: Bachelor of Civil Law; Librarian - M.L.S.: Master of Library Science; B.L.S.: Bachelor of Library Science; Physician - M.D.: Medical Doctor; Veterinarian - D.V.M.: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; D.M.V.: Docteur en Médicine Vétérinaire

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  • Accountants Until the earlier of five years from the Effective Date or until such earlier time upon which the Company is required to be liquidated, the Company shall retain Xxxxxx or another independent registered public accounting firm reasonably acceptable to the Representative.