A Lock Sample Clauses

A Lock. Up Agreement executed by each Seller receiving Closing Shares substantially in the form of Exhibit F hereto;
A Lock. Box Agreement signed by the Buyer, the Sellers and the Company in the form of Exhibit C;
A Lock. Up Agreement properly executed by each of the Territorial Shareholders (other than the Subscribing Shareholders), effective after the Reverse Split, relating to his or its investment in the SOCO Shares;

Related to A Lock

  • Shipping must be Freight On Board Destination to the delivery location designated on the Customer purchase order The Contractor will retain title and control of all goods until delivery is completed and the Customer has accepted the delivery. All risk of transportation and all related charges are the responsibility of the Contractor. The Customer will notify the Contractor and H-GAC promptly of any damaged goods and will assist the Contractor in arranging for inspection. The Contractor must file all claims for visible or concealed damage. Unless otherwise stated in the Agreement, deliveries must consist only of new and unused merchandise.

  • Equipment Location Landlord reserves the right to specify where Tenant’s business machines, mechanical equipment and heavy objects will be placed in the Premises in order to best absorb and prevent vibration, noise and annoyance to other tenants, and to prevent damage to the Building. Tenant will pay the cost of any required professional engineering certification or assistance.

  • Current Locations (a) The chief executive office of each Grantor is located at the address set forth opposite its name below: Grantor Mailing Address County State

  • Closing Location Linklaters LLP, Xxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx. Name and address of Representative: Designated Representative: Barclays Capital Inc. Address for Notices: Barclays Capital Inc. 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Attn: Syndicate Registration

  • Project Location Enter the project location as it appears on the project advertisement.

  • Business Locations Set forth on Schedule 6.20(a) is a list of all real property located in the United States that is owned or leased by the Loan Parties as of the Closing Date. Set forth on Schedule 6.20(b) is the tax payer identification number and organizational identification number of each Loan Party as of the Closing Date. The exact legal name and state of organization of each Loan Party is as set forth on the signature pages hereto. Except as set forth on Schedule 6.20(c), no Loan Party has during the five years preceding the Closing Date (i) changed its legal name, (ii) changed its state of formation, or (iii) been party to a merger, consolidation or other change in structure.

  • Delivery Location All Goods shall be delivered to the address specified in this Order (the "Delivery Location") during Buyer's normal business hours or as otherwise instructed by Buyer.

  • Work Location Executive’s principal place of work shall be located in Scottsdale, Arizona, or such other location as the parties may agree upon from time to time.

  • Office Location During the Term, the Executive’s services hereunder shall be performed at the offices of the Company, subject to necessary travel requirements to the Company’s partner agency office locations in order to carry out his duties in connection with his positions hereunder.

  • Designated Equipment; Designated Locations The System and the Data Access Services shall be used and accessed solely on and through the Designated Configuration at the offices of the Fund or the Fund Accountants in Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx xx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx (“Designated Locations”).