A description of the Sample Clauses

A description of the status of any application by the applicant or any person 15 named pursuant to paragraph (g) of this subsection for a state or federal 16 agency, including any denial, refusal to renew, suspension, withdrawal, or
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A description of the transition of care policies for potential Members and Members (42 CFR 438.62(b)(3)].
A description of the types of Unsecured PHI that were involved in the Breach (such as full name, Social Security number, date of birth, home address, account number, disability code, or other types of information that were involved);

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  • General Description Employer shall provide Employee with the compensation, incentives, benefits, and business expense reimbursement specified elsewhere in this agreement.

  • LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY The subject property is a condominium bearing postal address of Unit No. A1-3-7, Level 3, Block A1, Midfields Condominium, Sungai Besi, Xx. 0, Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxx, Off Lebuhraya Sungai Xxxx, 00000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx. RESERVE PRICE: The subject property will be sold on an “as is where is basis” and subject to a reserve price of RM450,000.00 (RINGGIT MALAYSIA FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND ONLY) and subject to the Conditions of Sale and by way of an Assignment from the above Assignee/Bank subject to the consent being obtained by the Purchaser from the Developer and other relevant authorities if any, including all terms, conditions, stipulations and covenants which were and may be imposed by the Developer and the relevant authorities. Any arrears of quit rent, assessments and service or maintenance charges which may be lawfully due to any relevant authority or the Developer up to the date of auction sale of the property shall be paid out of the purchase money upon receipt of full purchase price. All other fees, costs and charges relating to the transfer and assignment of the property shall be borne by the successful Purchaser. All intending bidders are required to deposit 10% of the fixed reserve price for the said property by Bank Draft or Cashier’s Order in favour of UOBM for TEE BAN XXX on the day of auction sale. The balance of the purchase money shall be paid by the Purchaser within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of auction sale to UNITED OVERSEAS BANK (MALAYSIA) BHD via Real Time Electronics Transfer of Funds and Securities (XXXXXX). Online bidders are further subject to the Terms and Conditions on xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS, please contact M/S Sidek Xxxx Xxxx & Xxxxxx, of Level 16, Menara Bumiputra-Commerce, 00, Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxx, 00000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx [Ref No. L1004(F).11001704423JCS/WS, Tel No. 00-00000000] the Assignee herein or the undermentioned Auctioneer. PROPERTY AUCTION HOUSE SDN BHD (187793X) Ground Floor, Xx. 0, Xxxxx Xxxxxx 50450 Kuala Lumpur XXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Tel: 00-00000000 & 20788590 XXXXX X.X. XXX Our ref: PAH/35630/11/2023(LA) XXXXXXX X.X. XXXXXX Email: xxxx@xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx Licensed Auctioneers Website: xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx PERISYTIHARAN JUALAN DALAM PERKARA MENGENAI PERJANJIAN PINJAMAN SELAKU PENYERAHHAKAN XXX SURAT KUASA WAKIL KEDUA-DUANYA YANG BERTARIKH 30 HARIBULAN SEPTEMBER, 2009 ANTARA UNITED OVERSEAS BANK (MALAYSIA) BHD [199301017069 (271809-K)] PIHAK PEMEGANG SERAHHAK/BANK XXX TEE BAN XXX [NO. K/P: 800602-14-5828] PIHAK PEMINJAM XXX TEE BAN XXX [NO. K/P: 800602-14-5828] XXXX TON XXX [NO. K/P: 800210-14-6039] PIHAK PENYERAHHAK Dalam menjalankan xxx xxx kuasa xxxx telah diberikan kepada Pihak Pemegang Serahhak/Bank dibawah Perjanjian Pinjaman Selaku Penyerahhakan Xxx Surat Kuasa Wakil kedua-duanya yang bertarikh 30 haribulan September, 2009 diantara Pihak Pemegang Serahhak/Bank, Pihak Peminjam xxx Pihak Penyerahhak yang diperbuat dalam perkara diatas, adalah dengan ini diisytiharkan bahawa Pihak Pemegang Serahhak/Bank tersebut dengan bantuan Pelelong yang tersebut dibawah AKAN MENJUAL SECARA LELONGAN AWAM PADA XXXX XXXXXX, 23 HARIBULAN NOVEMBER, 2023 PADA PUKUL 3.00 PETANG DI PUSAT LELONG TINGKAT BAWAH, NO. 0, XXXXX XXXXXX, 00000 XXXXX XXXXXX Secara alternatif, penawar yang berminat boleh mengemukakan bidaan untuk Hartanah atas talian (“online”) melalui xxxxx web xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx (Untuk bidaan atas talian, xxxx daftar sekurang-kurangnya satu (1) hari bekerja sebelum hari lelongan untuk tujuan pendaftaran & pengesahan) PENAWAR ATAS TALIAN ADALAH SELANJUTNYA TERTAKLUK KEPADA TERMA-TERMA XXX SYARAT-SYARAT DI xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx.xx NOTA: Xxxxx-xxxxx pembeli adalah dinasihatkan agar membuat perkara-perkara yang berikut sebelum jualan lelong:-

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