Xxxxx Realty definition

Xxxxx Realty means, collectively, KLA A Markets, LLC, K-Saturn, LLC, A-S Xxxxx Equity, LLC and Xxxxx-W LLC;
Xxxxx Realty means Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx Residential Realty, Inc., ------------ formerly a Maryland corporation.
Xxxxx Realty means Mt. Xxxxx Realty, LLC, a Massachusetts limited liability company.

Examples of Xxxxx Realty in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxx, Chief Financial Officer of Xxxxx & Xxxxx Realty Investors, LLC f/k/a Triple Net Properties, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company, Vice President of NNN CHASE TOWER, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, the general partner of NNN CHASE TOWER REO, LP, a Texas limited partnership, on behalf of said companies and said limited partnership.

  • CHARISMA PARTNERS, L.P., a New York limited Partnership By: 8xx Xxxxx Realty Corp., its sole general partner By: Name: /S/ Kxxxx X.

  • CHARISMA PARTNERS, L.P., a New York limited Partnership By: 0xx Xxxxx Realty Corp., its sole general partner By: Name: /S/ Xxxxx X.

  • It is expressly understood that, with respect to the awards made to Executive pursuant to the XX Xxxxx Realty Corp.

  • Xxxxxx Title: Executive Vice President PARENT: XX Xxxxx Realty Corp., a Maryland corporation By: /s/ Xxxxxx X.

  • Xxxxxxxx Properties Trust XX Xxxxx Realty Corporation Trizec Properties Inc.

  • The Parent shall make an annual protective election jointly with XX Xxxxx Realty Corp.

  • Xxxxx, as President of Xxxxx Realty Mortgage, Inc., a Maryland corporation, on behalf of the corporation.

  • By: Name: Title: XX XXXXX OPERATING PARTNERSHIP, L.P. By: XX Xxxxx Realty Corp.

  • Forest managers seeking certification should do so directly through the FSC International Secretariat.

More Definitions of Xxxxx Realty

Xxxxx Realty shall have the meaning ascribed to such defined term in Section 3.6.
Xxxxx Realty means Xxxxx Realty Trust 1999-1, a Utah trust.
Xxxxx Realty means Xxxxx Realty Investments, LLC, an Oklahoma limited liability company. Xxxxx Realty is disregarded as separate from ATC Realty for federal income tax purposes.

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