UTA definition

UTA has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
UTA means the Unit Titles Act, Cap 416 of the Laws;

Examples of UTA in a sentence

  • A permanent-status or limited-status classified employee who is a member of the Organized Reserve or National Guard shall be allowed military leave with pay, at the rate of his or her normal base salary prorated as appropriate, for any authorized training, UTA, AT Period, or other State or Federal service up to a maximum of fifteen (15) workdays scheduled by military authority in any Federal Training Year - October 1 to September 30.

  • Peery, Trustee, or his successor trustee, UTA dated July 20, 1997 (Richard T.

  • Peery, Trustee, or his successor trustee, UTA dated July 20, 1977 (Richard T.

  • XXXXX, Trustee, or his Successor Trustee UTA dated 7/20/77 (XXXXXXX X.

  • To conduct special studies of highway and transit systems as they relate to the Regional Transportation Plan and UTA, UDOT or local plans and projects.

  • Kennedy ruled that Libya was directly responsible for the bombing of UTA Flight 772 and ordered the Libyan government and specific Libyan officials to pay $6 billion in damages to the families and estates of six U.S. victims of the attack.

  • The City Manager reported the subject parcel was one of the properties affected by a permanent trex fence to be placed along 2700 West from 3100 South to 3500 South in conjunction with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) light rail and bus rapid transit project from 3100 South to 3800 South along 2700 West.

  • Part of this effort will include working with the TravelWise and UTA Rideshare programs.

  • In the event that a residence requires treatment where airborne materials are needed, the contractor will notify UTA.

  • Weapons prohibited anywhere in UTA housing or elsewhere on UTA campus are defined by Texas Penal Code, Title 10, Chapter 46 and currently include, but are not limited to, any club, explosive weapon, firearm, firearm silencer, handgun, illegal knife, knuckles, machine gun, short-barrel firearm, switchblade knife, armor-piercing ammunition, hoax bomb, chemical dispensing device (other than a small chemical dispenser sold commercially for personal protection), racetrack, or zip gun.

More Definitions of UTA

UTA means the Utah Transit Authority, a public transit district and political subdivision of the State of Utah.
UTA shall have the meaning set forth in the second recital hereof.

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