U.S. Subsidiaries definition

U.S. Subsidiaries means all such Subsidiaries.
U.S. Subsidiaries means all Subsidiaries of U.S. Borrower other than Canadian Borrower and Canadian Subsidiaries.

Examples of U.S. Subsidiaries in a sentence

  • See Proposed Changes to Applicability Thresholds for Regulatory Capital Requirements for Certain U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Banking Organizations and Application of Liquidity Requirements for Foreign Banking Organizations, Certain U.S. Depository Institution Holding Companies, and Certain Depository Institution Subsidiaries, 84 FR 24296 (May 24, 2019).

More Definitions of U.S. Subsidiaries

U.S. Subsidiaries means all direct or indirect Subsidiaries of CBII which are organized under the laws of the US or any state thereof, other than De Minimis US Subsidiaries.
U.S. Subsidiaries means the Subsidiaries of the Company organized under the laws of a state of the United States of America or under the laws of the District of Columbia as may from time to time be designated as such in writing by the Company (but subject to such reasonable conditions and limitations as either the Company or Lenders may impose); provided, that U.S. Subsidiaries shall exclude Subsidiaries described in clause (ii) of the definition of CFC.
U.S. Subsidiaries means PSI and the direct and indirect subsidiaries of PSC set forth in the U.S. Plan.
U.S. Subsidiaries means any two or more of them. Unless otherwise indicated in this Agreement, all references to U.S. Subsidiaries will mean U.S. Subsidiaries of the Borrower.
U.S. Subsidiaries means the United States subsidiaries of the Company other than those subsidiaries listed on Schedule A.
U.S. Subsidiaries means any Subsidiary other than a Foreign Subsidiary including, Viskase Films, Inc. and WSC Corporation, each a Delaware corporation, and wholly-owned by Borrower.
U.S. Subsidiaries means Aitec Investments USA Inc., Aitec USA Inc., and Weldsonix Inc.;