Definition of PRC Subsidiaries

PRC Subsidiaries means Shandong Haize Nanomaterials Co., Ltd., Shandong Bangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Haize Nanomaterials Co., Ltd., Zibo Jiaze Nanomaterials Co., Ltd. and Anhui Yuanzhong Nanomaterials Co., Ltd, each of which are (i) direct subsidiaries of Faith Bloom, (ii) indirect subsidiaries of the Debtor and (iii) organized under the laws of the People's Republic of China.
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PRC Subsidiaries means all Company Subsidiaries organized under the Laws of the PRC.
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PRC Subsidiaries means Fujian GP, Sanming Huajian, Fujian United and JLF collectively.
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Examples of PRC Subsidiaries in a sentence

The Establishment Documents of the PRC Subsidiaries have been duly approved in accordance with the laws of the PRC and are valid and enforceable.
None of the PRC Subsidiaries nor any of their properties, assets or revenues are entitled to any right of immunity on the grounds of sovereignty from any legal action, suit or proceeding, from set-off or counterclaim, from the jurisdiction of any court, from services of process, from attachment prior to or in aid of execution of judgment, or from any other legal process or proceeding for the giving of any relief or for the enforcement of any judgment.
The outstanding equity interests of each of the PRC Subsidiaries is owned of record by the Company or a wholly owned subsidiary, except for such specific entities or individuals identified as the registered holders thereof in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus.
The Company possesses, directly or indirectly, the power to direct, or cause the direction of, the management and policies of the PRC Subsidiaries.
Saidman shall be deemed to have resigned from any and all positions held with the Debtor, Faith Bloom and the PRC Subsidiaries, including their positions as members of the Boards of the Debtor and Faith Bloom, Independent Directors, members of the Special Committee, and representatives authorized to act on behalf of the Debtor pursuant to Section 78.622 of the Nevada Corporation Act; provided, however, that they shall not be entitled to any severance payments in connection with such resignations.

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PRC Subsidiaries means PRC Subsidiary 1, PRC Subsidiary 2 and PRC Subsidiary 3.
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PRC Subsidiaries means GK Company, GC Company and GW Company.
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