Update Records definition

Update Records means any update, change or modification of information about a Debt previously transmitted by the Creditor Agency. Specifically, “Update Records” includes any update, change or modification of information about such a Debt that is submitted to Fiscal Service, by Electronic Transmission, through either a batch or manual process, as further specified by the Fiscal Service Technical Guidance.

Examples of Update Records in a sentence

  • Secure access providing features like View Records, View Metadata, Update Records, Update Record Metadata, Modify Record etc.

  • Select an employee and click on Change; the Update Records window should appear for the selected employee.

  • Sixteen foursomes competed in this “Best Ball” format and the team sponsored by Rinker Materials, which included Stefanie Oldham, Dave Wright, Ryan Willis and Bob DiPietro, took first place honors.

  • Update Records: District records will be updated to reflect that the card has been surrendered and destroyed.

  • Update Records are electronic records that creditor agencies use to update, change or modify information about debts previously transmitted to TOP by creditor agencies.

  • The Update Records in Selected Features tool will not work if multiple layers in the table of contents have the same name.• Landscape Characteristic: The features from the geodatabase are divided by Landscape Characteristic (using the LAND_CHAR field), and are added to separate group layers.

  • The Enter Weekly Update Records − Part 2 of 2 screen (Figure 6-7) is displayed.4. Press Enter again.

  • You can advise us by calling 1-800-959-8281, by sending us a letter, or a completed Request for the Canada Revenue Agency to Update Records form.

  • Though most fields on these forms will remain the same, CASAS is developing modified Entry and Update Records to reflect these new changes.

  • Update Records Management information in the Archives and Records Centers Information System (ARCIS).

Related to Update Records

  • State Records means any and all State data, information, and records, regardless of physical form, including, but not limited to, information subject to disclosure under CORA.

  • Corporate Records means the corporate records of a corporation, including (i) its articles, notice of articles or other constating documents, any unanimous shareholders agreement and any amendments thereto; (ii) all minutes of meetings and resolutions of shareholders, directors and any committee thereof; (iii) the share certificate books, register of shareholders, register of transfers and registers of directors and officers; and

  • Records means any written or recorded information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, which is produced or acquired by the Party in the performance of this agreement. Records produced or acquired in a machine readable electronic format shall be maintained in that format. The records described shall be made available at reasonable times during the period of the Agreement and for three years thereafter or for any period required by law for inspection by any authorized representatives of the State or Federal Government. If any litigation, claim, or audit is started before the expiration of the three-year period, the records shall be retained until all litigation, claims or audit findings involving the records have been resolved.

  • Case record means the file of personally identifiable information, whether written or electronic in form, on an individual that is collected to carry out the purposes of the division as defined in the Act and the Social Security Act. This information remains a part of the case record and is subject to these rules even when temporarily physically removed, either in whole or in part, from the file folder in which it is normally kept.