Unfired pressure vessels definition

Unfired pressure vessels means any closed vessel other than a boiler constructed to hold steam, hot water, gas or air, ordinarily supplied from an external source or from the indirect application of heat. This definition shall not include portable cylinders for the storage of compressed gases.

Examples of Unfired pressure vessels in a sentence

Unfired pressure vessels with a capacity of less than 15 gallons (0.057 m3), or operating at a working pressure of 60 psig (414 kPa) or less.

Unfired pressure vessels (operating at pressures in excess of 60 PSI and having volume of more than 5 cu.

Unfired pressure vessels shall be prepared for internal inspection to the extent deemed necessary by the inspector.

Unfired pressure vessels of any size that are protected by approved pressure relief devices set to operate at a pressure not exceeding 15 psi or otherwise open to ambient atmospheric pressure.

Unfired pressure vessels, in which any of the main seams are formed by any welding process, or by brazing, when being tested for the first time, and for subsequent tests, shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure equivalent to twice the working pressure.